[ARTWORK] Samantha in Lolita Inspired Clothing

I remember during Health Class in Middle School, I was feeling uncomfortable, so I began doodling. I tried drawing my character, Samantha, in a Lolita outfit. At the time, I thought Lolita was cute and went off just simply what I thought I saw.


It wasn’t until my interest exploded in Lolita fashion that I realized how inaccurate my interpretation of the fashion is. I actually get really annoyed at other people now for their inaccuracies. Lolita fashion does have rules, you know.

After my Lolita fashion interest died down, but I still had knowledge, in 2011, I decided to redraw that supposed “gothic lolita” Samantha picture. I wanted to make it more accurate. It’s still not the most accurate thing, but it’s much better in comparison to the above image.


The skirt length is arguably more accurate to actual Lolita’s (though, a bit too long, but that’s okay!). The sock choices are also much more modest in comparison to the sexier fishnets of the previous image.

The original image didn’t have colour, so I took the opportunity to come up with colours for this one.


WOW. JUST WOW. I didn’t expect to love how the dress looked with the Earth colours that Samantha wears in her regular armour. I actually love the dress so much, I want to make it an alternate outfit for her…except that she’s not a skirt/dress kind of girl. I get reminded that every time I put her in one. It’s not that she doesn’t look good in them; it’s more of it’s not who she is. It’s definitely fun fan service though!

I have a few issues with this picture, particularly the colouring, which looks too pleated for my liking. There’s also an issue with the feet…

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