[ARTWORK] Kanata Falling into Cyberspace

I wanted to try and promote my original story characters a bit more, since most people seem not to pay attention to them and this picture was among them. I wanted to just draw Kanata falling into Cyberspace, since that’s where I’m hoping half her story takes place.


There’s not really much behind the sketch. It was one of the few times I’ve drawn Kanata and I was surprised I hit her so well. Yeah, sometimes I can’t draw my own characters that well. I’m glad the sketch came out well, even by 2011 standards. I’m particularly fond of how the hands were drawn, which are better than usual.

The coloured version came out a bit different than I expected, but in a good way.


For one thing, there is A LOT more rainbow than I originally intended. This isn’t a bad thing though – it’s some nice magical touch. While I do think just simply electric blue or electric purple would have been more cyber-like, I think the multicolours still work well.

The texture choice is also unexpected. It kind of looks like she’s diving underwater, though that wasn’t my intention. I remember when I was trying to apply a texture with brushes already in Photoshop, I came across the one I used (I don’t remember which one that was) and was surprised at how much I liked it, but at the same time, knew it made it a bit less cyber-like…which I guess is kind of okay.

Overall, I actually really enjoy this image. While it’s not a “favourite one of all time”, it’s most certainly not hated. It’s really pretty….and…well, yeah. That’s about it. It’s pretty.

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