Month: June 2013

[ARTWORK] Kelly Falling

I hadn’t drawn any of my characters for a while – I had been drawing a lot of fan art for official characters and my friends’ fan characters during this time – so I thought it was about time to draw one. I decided to draw a rather generic, but pretty one of Kelly. I

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[ARTWORK] Clyde Complaining

I think I was bored one day in 2011…okay, maybe not bored, per se, but more like I felt like drawing, but I was all out of ideas, which, for some reason, resulted in my drawing Clyde complaining that he was bored. You know, he would totally do that too. It also resulted in me

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[ARTWORK] KICK…almost where it hurts

Sometime in 2011, I was on a bit of a Spark/Vainstrel drawing kick. I’m actually not even a fan of the pairing (they end up together – not my choice, their choice, confusing to explain), but whatever. They’re fun to draw. They’re not as much fun to colour though because of all their colours. This

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The Bans & Why They’re Good

This is a completely off topic way to start a post, BUT I GOT A NEW KEYBOARD~! My other one started giving me problems a few months ago with the “e” key occasionally, but once the space bar stopped functioning properly (you can tell because only one side goes down when I hit it, not

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Back in 2011, I was planning on having a part of my website that featured all my social networking pages, which I’m still planning to do. The image for the layout featured myself on my phone, which was a parody of a Blackberry, since that was the phone I had at the time.

[WEBSITE UPDATE] Images 2/5ths Done!

I’m pretty dang excited! My second majour goal for this year – getting my website up and running – is slowly on its way! Goals need steps and so far, I’m still on the first. However, these steps also need steps to get them done and I’m ready to head to the third step for

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[ARTWORK] Samantha Almost Defeated

I don’t really remember why I drew this. I probably just wanted to draw Samantha, since it had been a while since I had last drawn her. I probably wanted her to do something less generic too…so I drew her on the verge of losing a battle. You know she’s going to triumph, but for

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[ARTWORK] Flavio, Clyde, and Sadia

Ah, yes. My three dolly sapiens. My three Frankenstein’s-monster-like characters. Except they’re not really like Frankenstein’s monster, other than the features…which aren’t exactly alike either. Wasn’t Frankenstein’s monster created with parts of various people? I could be wrong about that. Anyway, I’m glad I had a chance to draw these three together. Clyde was my

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[ARTWORK] Samantha in Lolita Inspired Clothing

I remember during Health Class in Middle School, I was feeling uncomfortable, so I began doodling. I tried drawing my character, Samantha, in a Lolita outfit. At the time, I thought Lolita was cute and went off just simply what I thought I saw.

Japanese Wii U or American Wii U?

(Please note the pictures in this post are darker than the actual video, simply because I have a program called “Shady” open to make the brightness on my computer darker than it normally can go, since my eyes kind of hurt.) When Nintendo announced the Wii U last year, I was kind of excited for

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