[ARTWORK] Sexeh Maybe No

A while back, I was using this program called Pose Studio to create references for my drawings. I still kind of do, but not as much – only if I need them. Just as a tiny experiment, I decided to do what the program creators more or less suggested (essentially trace over it and add in details, which is something I do not approve of) and attempt to practice another shading style.

This was the result:


It’s not really that bad. I mean, it was just an experimental sketch, both for an outfit and for a colouring style, which I didn’t find too bad either. Kelly’s hair looks thinner and wetter than I would’ve liked it to be. I pretty much got reminded why I don’t like drawing on the computer.

I liked this picture enough though to give a “traditional” version a go. I looked at the original Pose Studio image for reference:


Then I went ahead and sketched a version of it on paper, like I do for all my serious artworks:


I immediately knew I liked the pencil version MUCH better than the digital one. There was definitely a “crispness” that the original one lacked. I think pretty much everything looks better in the non-digital version. Well, except Kelly’s arms – I liked those better in the digital sketch version.

I originally outlined where her shadows were going to go, but I ended up not using it.

The new digital coloured version of the sketch turned out better, in my opinion, although that might be because it’s done in cell shading and not an experimental style.


The pose itself is still really weird, but I like it! Kelly looks pretty dang good like that, I must say. I mean, minus that it looks like she doesn’t have the rest of her arm…but that’s okay.

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