[ARTWORK] Clyde Complaining with Tea

Here we have Clyde doing his two favourite things: complaining and drinking tea. Ugh. He’s such an interesting character to me, but I draw him doing such boring things. I’m sorry, Clyde.

I think the least boring thing about this picture is the wallpaper. I got it off of CG Textures. Of course, before you see the coloured version, I need to show you the sketch.


It’s nothing special. I honestly don’t even like it that much. I’m not a huge fan of his face and the chair just looks awful. I really need to learn how to draw chairs and people sitting in them properly.

I honestly drew these pictures just so I could try and “promote” other characters of mine. It’s kind of hard though when there’s no “references” to their personalities and whatnot and all people have to go on are images. Which in the case of Clyde, looks like all he does is complain and drink tea.

The coloured version just shows my inability to do backgrounds.


Okay, the wallpaper looks nice with Clyde’s character, but that’s about it. I didn’t even draw that texture.

I don’t really like the colouring much on this one, especially Clyde’s hair. This makes me sad because I’ve done is to well before!

…and the chair still looks like it’s going to fall apart.

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