[ARTWORK] Falling Spirits

I swear there was a reason I drew this picture as it is and that the finished concept is totally not what I originally intended. And apparently I never uploaded it to deviantART either, so I don’t have that commentary for it to even hint what I was thinking when I did this.

I finished the picture regardless.

Once again, I’ve drawn Spark. I like her character design, which is probably why I draw her so often, even though she’s a bit of a pain to colour.

028 copy

I’m not too big a fan of her hands or her face in this sketch. I didn’t bother to fix it in the lineart either, which is fine. It’s just for colouring practice and to draw some attention to my characters who aren’t Kelly.

I’m really trying to remember what she was doing. I definitely think something was suppose to be falling. Or she was suppose to catch something. I’m not sure. Regardless of what it was, I decided to have her trying to catch a will-o-the-wisp.


Yeah, those rainbowy things are suppose to be ‘wisps. I know, I know, they kind of look bad. You can’t really tell what they are either. I kind of feel like they should be more transparent than they actually are.

This picture isn’t too bad. I didn’t really know what to do for it, so I can’t really say I could have “done this better”. I really couldn’t have. Well, I probably could, but meh. I don’t know.

Overall, I think this is an okay picture. There’s another one that I did of her that looks fantastic though. Totally looking forward to posting that one.

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