[ARTWORK] Maribelle & Her Bag

Oh geez, the colouring process of this picture was a headache. I first coloured it when I was experimenting with new colouring styles, since I didn’t like having my own style cell shaded, so I tried other ones. I liked the second try…and then I got an entirely new style and decided to redo it again in that style and decided it was going to be the last. Yep.

Okay, so, this is my character, Maribelle. She actually lives in a world that resembles more like a fantasy medieval/Georgian era, but she slips into what is more or less our world and loves to dress in something we might wear. Which in her case is a bra, an underbust vest, tight pants (skinny jeans?), and high heeled boots. Quite frankly, she looks amazing in it.


The sketch for this is pretty good and I like it, minus Maribelle’s totally awkwardly drawn arm. I definitely like Maribelle in our modern clothes than the ones I gave her. Also, she’s one of my few characters that wears high heels.

The first coloured version was done in Corel Painter 11 for the most part.


I don’t even remember what I used on it. I think the hair was done with some sort of watercolour brush and the rest of the body with something else, but I could be wrong. I also forgot her make up. The lineart sticks out terribly in this attempt.

Then I did a second attempt, this time using the oils in Corel Painter 11. Oh man, oils…how I loved them. I wish Clip Studio Paint had some.

2011_maribellebag_v2Here we start getting something that looks good! Okay, sure, the texturing and shading looks terrible and it’s pretty clear I just scribbled, but that’s alright It kind of looks like an improvement over the previous one. I still forgot her make up for this one.

THEN WE GET TO THE FINAL VERSION. This one was done in Clip Studio Paint.


Yep, this one is my favourite one! The shading has a bit more sense to it than the previous one and everything looks good in comparison to the other ones. I also remembered her make up! I put some watercolour paper texture of her too. I forgot to finish slicing out some of it in her bag, but since I was (and am) sick of working on this one, I decided to leave it. It’s not like it’s a super important image anyway, other than showing Maribelle’s full body Earth outfit.

Hope you enjoyed reading this entry!

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