[ARTWORK] Keruri, Girl Running

I closed my eyes and flipped through my sketchbook and landed upon this picture. At first I laughed at it, then I wondered if the girl with the buns was suppose to be me. It became apparent though when I flipped through my notebook a bit more that it was another female character based off of me.

Scanned Image 131300002

She’s technically named “Kelly”, with the codename (or Japanese name?) Keruri.

I thought the girl with the longer hair was her friend, which seemed odd to me that she would have a friend in such nice looking clothes…but now that I think about it, it probably was whoever the heck the mean chick was in her story. The next page has Keruri on the ground with her hair ties snapped, which means the chick is tripping her.

Which I can see now .

I actually don’t think this picture is too bad. I mean, okay, the clothes look all weird, everybody’s proportions are totally shot, the eyes look a bit weird, and the girl’s hands JUST LOOK HILARIOUSLY BAD. I think she’s suppose to be holding a binder.

I actually have some more details about Keruri coming up in the future, since my random choosing decided to bring her up again. I’ll tell you then!

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