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Recently one of my friend’s who claims he can’t draw well showed me one of his projects for school, which was copying another drawing. One that was rather realistic. He had the entire paper gridded out and was doing a fantastic job with shading and the drawing in general. Which suddenly made me feel completely incompetent because I can’t draw realism right now, even though I would like to. It also reminded me how I really wanted to practice realism because I truly believe it will launch my artwork in the right direction, regardless if I’m drawing anime or realism.

That kind of made me a bit sad and let down, but I was able to pick myself up just enough to work on more website images. The remaining layout images all had to do with the Kelly’s Journey subsite. I was pretty dang happy with the set I managed to complete before I went to sleep yesterday.


Then I got to the remaining images. I worked on the large group picture first, which took quite a bit out of me. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fixing it in the lineart process.

Photo on 2013-05-08 at 13.03

Finally I did the last two images for the KelJo site layout, which are going to small and “pinned up” since they’re suppose to be pictures Daisy took. This is where I got upset with my drawing abilities. I was having a pretty easy time drawing the other images, but apparently it wasn’t there after I woke up again.


These poses aren’t generic. While the top one of Ash & Kelly “kissing” (they’re not actually kissing – Daisy just took it at an angle that made it look like they were) is fine, the “STOP” one is a lot more boring and A LOT less angry than I wanted it to be. I wanted Ash and Kelly to be pushing away the camera Daisy was holding.

I did try an alternate image for Kelly & Ash “STOP” pic, but I’m not really feeling that one either…

Photo on 2013-05-09 at 05.32

I have a particular problem with Ash. I didn’t really know what pose, and he looks faaaaaar too squished for my liking. If I did decide to use this one, I would have to do a lot of fixing to him…

The concept of that one was suppose to be the same as the Misty/Mistico/Brock one, just with Ash and Kelly.

My skills were pretty rapidly declining at this point, plus I was feeling anxious and sick. I kind of wanted to do other things, but at the same time, I wanted to get these website images done. I almost considered myself to be done, but I knew I couldn’t lie to myself – I needed to get all the commission example images done as well, which is all that’s left, before I worked on actually completing all my layout images.

This is going to sound silly, but I think I was feeling sick and anxious because of Red Dwarf. I know, I know, that sounds weird. I was watching series 1 again for review purposes (I have a review coming up for it, hopefully sooner than later) while I was drawing (probably wasn’t helping my drawing skills – it’s one of the few shows I want to constantly pay attention to) and I started feeling kind of sick and anxious. I usually do too when I watch it and I question why. I’m guessing it strikes me somewhere in my subconscious. I would blame it on the weird motion effect the footage has sometimes, except when I watch the cast interviews which don’t have it, I feel the same way. Aaaah, I don’t know.

Right now I’m here, typing, a bit tired, but knowing I have to go to work in less than an hour. Maybe I’ll just take today off from my own goals and use it to catch up on things. I have been going on them almost non-stop. Plus, I have all Friday to work on them.

Sorry for spelling mistakes and whatnot. I’m too lazy and too tired to edit this right now.

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