[ARTWORK] Casey & Akae

Back in elementary school, I had started to make Fakémon, otherwise known as Fake Pokémon. The starter types were different from the normal ones – ice was one, ghost was another, and I can’t remember the last one. After a while though, I felt that these fake Pokémon were ill suited to be Pokémon, but not wanting to scrap them, I changed them into my own monsters – Time Monsters. Originally, it was suppose to be an anime or manga about a girl named Kasumi (real name: Casey) who ends up having to capture these time monsters in a Pokémon/Yu-Gi-Oh!/Cardcaptor Sakura sort of way.


I think by the time Casey was created, I accidentally ripped off my friend’s character, looks & colours-wise, although it’s hard to tell in black & white. I thought I had a coloured version of this picture, but I don’t. I recall drawing this picture or a similar one on a binder divider and one of my teachers thought it was a mother and her little girl. Blah.

Then we come to 2011, I think it was, when I finally decided to draw Casey again after so long. I hadn’t wanted to scrap her story and I wanted to give her a fresher one, which I think I’ve done. A few things have changed about Time Monsters, including now each time monster has a theme and a place, based off of folklore.


Icey, the little girl looking Time Monster was replaced with Akae, a geisha/rokuro kubi-inspired one, who I feel is much more suited to the story.

Casey didn’t really receive a majour update; her look was just adapted for my current style. Okay, yeah, I added a few details to make her outfit not so boring, but that was about it.

If it’s not obvious, the 2011 picture is a redraw of that picture from another time. There’s a significant difference between the two. Most notably, she now looks like she has bones in her body. Okay, sure, she still looks really small waisted and big chested, but it’s an improvement over the original!

I originally had an idea of the two of them rushing down some walkway with clocks all around, indicating them running through time. Everything was going to be this light, icy blue. I didn’t quite do that though.


The background became blue, purple, and pink. I couldn’t get the perspective quite right. I mean, it’s not bad, it’s just not as cool as it could have been. It’s close enough for me though and one of my friends loved this picture, so I let it go.

The picture layers unfortunately made Casey’s hair much darker than it should have been. Everything else on her outfit is more or less accurate though.

Akae’s clothing was the hardest to figure out. I didn’t really know what to do for the colours nor did I have much of an idea for the pattern. The clothing colours came surprisingly fast when I coloured Akae in, but the pattern took a bit more time. I originally wanted a much more intricate kimono pattern design, but I quickly realized I was unable to do it for a number of reasons, including not having the patience. I decided to just go with cherry blossoms on her kimono. It took a few tries, but I finally got a good design for them. I am pretty dang pleased with how they turned out!

Overall, I like this picture. It’s exciting to see Casey once again and I really wish I had her story more developed and more monsters created. I really love Akae’s design too and I’m looking forward to drawing her more.

As a bonus, have a non-saturated-overlayed version of the image so you can see the proper colours:



(The clocks weren’t made by me; they are from here)

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