[ARTWORK] Cheery Spark

Okay, yeah. I admit it. I got lazy with the banners. Instead of the fade-from-sketch-to-colour, it’s just coloured. The fading ones just take so much work and effort and with so many pictures, it’s not worth it, especially with how low an audience I have. I’ll return to it one day, but just not now.

Anyway, onto the next back catalog image, featuring none other than Spark Alamental, one of my witch characters. This is a rather generic image of her and for a good reason too (in my opinion) – it was going to go on a bookmark. Actually, it is on a bookmark. I nearly scrapped the idea though because I had so much other artwork to do, but I’m glad I didn’t.

I had a ton of books I wanted to read and I was sick of using scrap paper as my bookmarks, so I went ahead and made some. I was originally going to try and do bookmarks with all new images, such as this one.

Which I thought wasn’t going to work out originally, so I opted for some other ones mentioned in my “bookmarks” post. Luckily, it did!


I was going with “generic” for these bookmark images, though this picture doesn’t feel as generic as it could have been and in comparison to some of the other pictures. I think it shows Spark’s personality well, though it also gives her this “I’m from a nightmarish place” unlike some of the other images I’ve drawn of her. This is easily one of my favourite pictures of the character.

There’s nothing special about the coloured version.


It’s just a transparent background and uses my painted dreams style.

Clip Studio Paint for everything except the watermarks.

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