[ARTWORK] TriGirls

For a brief time in 2006, I made a neutral version of Kelly (meaning she could be used as a fan character or an original story character; the idea has been scrapped since then), Samantha Laine, and Faye Jademan a trio. They weren’t necessarily suppose to be from the same main story, but from a spin-off-sequel-crossover thing. I drew the trio in a few pictures, including one of them in arguably a triangular pose, where it looked like they were channeling power.

I didn’t post the image up on the internet until a few years later when I rediscovered it. It was such an awesome picture, I knew I had to redraw it at some point.


The image featured (from left to right) Faye, Samantha, and Kelly, all in original outfits I do believe. Kelly’s may have been her regular one, but I could be wrong. Pretty cool image, right?

I knew for the redraw, there would have to be some changes – namely, I would have to change Kelly. She had to be replaced with another character. She’s no longer a neutral character of mine (just a Pokémon fan character), so she just didn’t fit in. She wouldn’t ever even have a sliver of a chance meeting Samantha or Faye.

I looked at my original story characters and knew that Magic Misty was the clear choice. She was created in the year I really started to develop Kelly and she was the first non-fanfiction story character I ever created. There was one more character, Starry-Space, who I would have considered if she hadn’t been in one story briefly and never developed again.

Before I began drawing the redrawing, I quickly doodled a picture of their outfits. Faye’s and Samantha’s were loosely based off the ones shown in the original drawing. Magic’s is technically new, though I’m sure some of it was loosely inspired by Kelly’s.


I still really feel like I should have given Samantha pants. It’s the kind of girl she is. She rarely wears skirt; I think she only wears them for cosplay, if she even cosplays in the first place.

The redraw is more or less the same as the original version, just with everything drawn arguably better.


Samantha now has knuckles. You can see everybody’s hands. The bodies have a better shape to them. The faces have more details. Magic replaced Kelly. Samantha’s braids are longer and her ribbons don’t have ruffles on them. Everything is significantly better in the newer version, which is to be expected, as the newer sketch was completed in 2011.

The coloured version just slightly stumped me. Not necessarily for their clothing colours – which I drew from their original clothing – but rather the background. The original picture wasn’t in colour, after all.

I decided that an energy lifting background, somewhat like the SexyOCTrio one would be good. Oh, how right I was!


I feel like energy just radiates off the picture. It’s extremely uplifting, even with all the saturation. This easily is one of my favourite pictures – to the extent it’s hanging on my wall (along with another picture I haven’t posted quite yet).


Made in Photoshop, MangaStudio, and Clip Studio Paint.

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