[ARTWORK] Teasing & Shouting

My friend, Hurricane360, was having some sort of music slump. I think. I think that’s what it was. Either way, he was having issues making music and I wanted to motivate him. The easiest way I could think of was to draw Kelly. He is a fanboy of her and I figured that Hurricane just might get motivated to make some music if I drew him my gorgeous brown haired, gray-eyed female fan character.

I needed to draw her shouting and teasing. Which sounds a lot more perverted than the image itself actually is.

Scanned Image 123030000

I knew I was going to turn this into a wallpaper, so whenever Hurricane came onto the computer, he would see Kelly look at him with a blush, then shout at him to hurry up and do her dang music. The outfit itself was a random choice, but combined things I personally like on her. Or a lady. Or anyone who has nice legs and nice arms. I don’t really know why I did the ponytail, but I’m glad I did.

Kelly’s arm in the left-hand side sketch looked weird and I knew it looked weird. I mean, it looks good, but I could tell there was something anatomically wrong with it. Human arms just aren’t that boxy.

I really enjoyed the overall sketch. It’s not too often that I really like how Kelly’s drawn (sorry Kelly), but this was a rare occasion that I did. And of course it was for my friend and not me.

There are two coloured versions: the one with a speedline background and then the wallpaper version.

The speedline background was born because I honestly had no idea what to do for the “general posting” background.

sexykelly copy

As you can see in comparison to the sketch, I managed to fix her arm (which still looks weird), as well as added legs to her “teasing” pose. I think I left the shouting pose alone for the most part. I think I may have extended out the leg a bit, but I could be wrong.

Kelly’s dress colours were chosen from her typical colour scheme (when she’s not exactly copying Ash’s clothes). I usually go with more black, but I decided to add a bit more colour to her design in this case.

I forgot to put shadows on her bra on the shouting side. I think I forgot her choker as well. Oh well. Still looks good regardless.

The wallpaper version was kind of silly and made use of my LCD-inspired background.


I’m pretty sure there’s a rainbow gradient over the image as well.

Man, Kelly is such a tease here. You can see I changed the presentation order, to more or less go in order of what I think her poses would be in.

I’m actually kind of jealous I drew this for Hurricane, not me…

Instead I got a “angry flaming eyes” Kelly yelling at me to get crap done…

I believe the image was done in Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

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