Month: May 2013

[THOUGHTS] Drawing Ban Number 2

At the beginning of this month, I pushed myself to continue working on my website images, in hopes that I actually manage to get my website up and running properly at some point during the summer months. The pictures were going pretty well, even at the frequency I was drawing them at. At some point,

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[ARTWORK] Sexeh Maybe No

A while back, I was using this program called Pose Studio to create references for my drawings. I still kind of do, but not as much – only if I need them. Just as a tiny experiment, I decided to do what the program creators more or less suggested (essentially trace over it and add

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[ARTWORK] Clyde Complaining with Tea

Here we have Clyde doing his two favourite things: complaining and drinking tea. Ugh. He’s such an interesting character to me, but I draw him doing such boring things. I’m sorry, Clyde. I think the least boring thing about this picture is the wallpaper. I got it off of CG Textures. Of course, before you

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[ARTWORK] Mister Pouty Face

I thought this was originally one of my other Mister Pouty Faces when I was making the banners. This one is Erik though, my adorable demon boy. He’s also one of my few male characters who I think looks better with short hair. I mean, okay, yeah, his hair isn’t as short as some of

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[ARTWORK] Falling Spirits

I swear there was a reason I drew this picture as it is and that the finished concept is totally not what I originally intended. And apparently I never uploaded it to deviantART either, so I don’t have that commentary for it to even hint what I was thinking when I did this. I finished

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[ARTWORK] Maribelle & Her Bag

Oh geez, the colouring process of this picture was a headache. I first coloured it when I was experimenting with new colouring styles, since I didn’t like having my own style cell shaded, so I tried other ones. I liked the second try…and then I got an entirely new style and decided to redo it

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LATENESS! Sorry about that!

I know this blog pretty much has no readers, but I still feel the need to apologize! I’m so behind on so many things. Currently, I’m behind on posting up re-reviews…and that’s entirely because I’ve been busy with other, more important things. I’m hoping to catch up sooner or later. Though, I suppose it doesn’t

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[ARTWORK] Clyde with Tea

I feel kind of bad that whenever I draw Clyde, he’s drinking tea. It makes him look like the only thing he does is drink tea. Sure, he loves his tea, but part of the gag with his character is that his tea time is always interrupted because his work requires him to work at

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[RE-REVIEW] Alcohol, Shirt, & Kiss

Title: Alcohol, Shirt, & Kiss Volume(s): 1 Creator(s): Yuko Kuwabara Genre: Comedy/Romance (Boys’ Love) Rating: Mature Publisher: Digital Manga, Inc. (Juné Imprint) ISBN: (Volume 1) 1-56970840-1 or 978-1-56970-840-8 Where to Buy: Wherever books are sold (Volume 1) Amazon

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