Doing Things

Sometimes I forget that things won’t get done unless I do them myself. It’s really easy to forget about that too, especially when laziness and other priorities take over. Other things seem so more important, like cleaning my room, that what I feel like I should be doing (like writing or drawing) gets pushed aside and I spend the rest of the day absentmindedly on stupid social networking websites, looking at pretty historical dresses or just refreshing the page awaiting for some new messages to pop up. Then this goes on for a while and I eventually become depressed and upset because, hey, I’m not doing what the heck I want to do! And then I start crying because oh, poor me! I can’t get the things done I want! Waaaah! Waaaaah!

Recently I’ve had another one of those moments and with it, came that realization that if I don’t do it, it ain’t gonna get done. I was actually particularly crying over the remaining artworks I have (I had 38 then; now I have 31, so I’m making some progress) and how I’m pretty sure it’s preventing me from doing a lot of stuff, including drawing. I snapped out if it though when I really thought about it – I had, what, 3 artworks left to shade? I had a feeling that the backgrounds were going to be a lot easier on me too when I got to them. I wasn’t going to the final stage of the artworks (background & effects, if necessary) if I didn’t finish the shading myself! It’s not like I can send it to somebody and be like “here, finish shading it for me. In my style”. There’s just no one to do that. I would love to be like “it’d be nice if there was someone like that”, but no! That’d suck – I like doing things myself.

I actually have a friend who says that they wish they could do my artwork for me and I get slightly irritated because, no, I want to do it myself, even if you could help. I suppose you can say it’s some pride thing?

The same thing kind of happened today too. I was getting depressed that I haven’t written any of my stories or planned out anything in detail. Then I reminded myself – I can do them. It’s up to me to write them. No one else is going to write them, and hey, I wouldn’t want anyone else to!

So, this is primarily a reminder to myself: If I’m getting depressed about not getting something done, take a step back, and say “HEY, IF I DON’T DO IT, IT WON’T GET DONE” and GET THAT SHIZ DONE, YO! 

And hey, you readers, I say the same thing to you! If there’s something that YOU want to do, do it! Especially if it’s giving you depression or sadness or anything like that.

Tell the laziness to shut up and move aside, and if it won’t, kick it away.

Tell the sadness that hey, you’re about to turn it around!

Tell time that you have it! Even just a little bit.

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