My 21st Birthday

Going out to the bar with some close friends, having one’s first legal drink at the age 21, getting wasted to the point of blacking out. It’s how one would assume an American’s 21st birthday would go and I’m sure many did on March 10th. Mine obviously did not though because my interest in alcohol goes as far as all the foods I can make with it. Instead, I did it the TrainerKelly way – I spent it with a friend and geeky things.

About a month ago, I was feeling down about my birthday – I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to spend it with anyone. I didn’t really know who I wanted to spend it with either. Last year was easy. I was arguably close with Ryan and Tom where I KNEW the two people I wanted to spend time with on my 20th birthday was them. This year was different though, as I didn’t really feel particularly that close with any of my friends, including them.

Then hit the week of my birthday and I knew my mom didn’t have anything planned. All I wanted was a birthday hangout. I made a Facebook event and sent out invitations to 8 people total (originally only four, I believe?), hoping at least one of them would be able to make it.

You don’t know how happy I was when Courtney said she could actually come! I ended up picking her up on March 9th, for a pre-party~~!! And by “pre-party”, I mean we sat down on my couch and she checked up on Facebook while I watched Pokémon Movie 15 for the first time. She also finally got to see my Mijumaru (Oshawott) plushie that talks, which she had a huge gigglefest over. It was actually really really hilarious to see. We ended up recording a video of it and posted it on Facebook – my friend Tom commented, saying he should’ve come over.

Courtney & I ended up going to bed…I think around 3 AM, especially after Jenni (my younger sister) told me she wanted me out of the house until she finished making my cake later on March 10th.

I woke up rather early and attempted to waste time. Which is a lot harder to do when you don’t have anything to do, don’t really want to do anything, and are waiting for a friend to get up. Around noon, Jenni came home and I finally decided that since I was so tired, I was just going to go back to sleep instead of going out and wasting time. Jenni said that was fine – just don’t come out if I wake up before the cake is done.

So I went back to sleep and about two, three hours later I woke up again. The cake still wasn’t done. I didn’t understand why it wasn’t done – Jenni had started it around noon and the cake shouldn’t have taken any more than an hour to make. It had crossed my mind that perhaps she was making cupcakes of all the Pokéballs I gave her pictures of, but I dismissed that because that would be a huge amount of work and I don’t think she has all the colours to do that. Courtney was actually the one who texted me to tell me not to come out. In the meantime, since they seemed to be kind of almost done with my cake, I finally cut my hair.

This was after I did my haircut. With me making a funny face.
This was after I did my haircut. With me making a funny face.

My hair has gotten longer than I wanted it to. I wasn’t sure how long I wanted my hair to be, so I’ve just been letting it grow. It recently hit the point though where I was like “okay, this is too long for me” and I cut…probably about an inch off? Now my hair just barely brushes my shoulders when it’s my natural curly/wavy hair, which is awesome. I know it’s a good length if I can chew on my hair (yes, I like to chew on my hair – it has a really nice texture), but I don’t feel the need to put it back in a ponytail.

I ended up texting Courtney to make Jenni get me the vacuum so I didn’t have to go out of my room. I laughed when Jenni came to my door and gave me it. Felt kind of awesome, but awkward to do so.

Finally they told me I could come out. My mom came home a bit later, she and Jenni picked up pizza from Little Caesar’s since it’s cheap and we weren’t going to make anything. Then we did the reveal…OF THE SUPER AWESOME POKÉBALL CAKE AND CUPCAKES. Jenni actually shooed me into my room again for a few seconds while she set them up how she wanted to present them.

Oh my Arceus, possible the best cake ever! I had jokingly suggested to her to make me a Master Ball cake for my birthday on Pinterest, when she repinned a regular Pokéball cake a few weeks back. She did that. And then some. She made the Master Ball the cake, the regular Pokéballs (red/white) the small cupcakes, and then the Great Ball and Ultra Ball (both which I kept calling Super Ball and Hyper Ball respectively; I didn’t realize my mistake until a bit later…and then I realized it wasn’t actually a mistake, but rather I was calling them by their Japanese names). They’re the four main Pokéballs! I was really impressed with the effort and the looks she put into it (I still am too) – I wish more people had come over because of all the Pokéballs that didn’t get eaten.

Once the reveal was over, I went onto my favourite part – PRESENTS! My mom bought me more than enough, but hey, I’m not going to refuse. One of the first things I opened was the UK Deluxe edition of Marina & the Diamonds Electra Heart album, which is still one of my favourite albums. I own the US Deluxe Release digitally, but they don’t contain 3 songs from the UK release (“Living Dead”, “Lonely Hearts Club”, “Buy the Stars”; granted, the US Deluxe Release contains “How to be a Heartbreaker”, which wasn’t on the UK album). I went on and continued opening my presents – two Assassin’s Creed figures (proper figures – not the action figure I got for Christmas), an Ezio Auditore plushie, numerous books on late 19th century fashion, pirates, ninjas, and samurai, some Darkrai figures, and the primary gift I asked for, Red Dwarf (boxset of the original 8 seasons), Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, and Red DwarfSeries X. My mom kept making fun of me as I was opening the gifts, telling Jenni not to steal any of this stuff while giggling, since obviously Jenni wouldn’t. She’d rather have a lift on her Jeep. I couldn’t help but laugh too because I’m clearly the odd one out in my family. I’ll take books and DVDs any day.

So happy I got Red Dwarf. I was introduced to it by my friend, Hannah. Well, she told me about it and when I finally saw it on Netflix Instant Queue, I watched it. On the surface I felt that it was a good show, but it seemed to effect me on a deeper level because after I watched it, I had this longing feeling to rewatch it because I didn’t want to leave their universe quite yet (which I ended up giving into). It definitely has a high rewatch value for me – I’m rewatching it for a third and fourth time (the fourth time has the cast commentaries on though). Actually, it still is effecting me on a different level. I don’t get it. I really don’t. But…oh geez, I still love this show. It’s really fun. And it gives a lot of inside jokes one can use with friends. Anyway…


My mom had us take a few pictures with the Pokéball cupcakes, which were a laugh. Jenni was the one who took the actual photos since she wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to go to sleep. My mom kept making some really weird poses that I really want someone to sprite. She looked like one of those anime characters in poses that just…don’t work.

I think we ended up eating the cupcakes (left the cake alone – poor cake and Jenni’s amazing work). Jenni and Courtney were telling me the insides were originally gray, like an actual Pokéball gray, but then the cake was baked and…well, it turned more purple. Still delicious and amazingly done.

I brought my stuff into my room and set everything I got up in a way for me to take an easy picture. I needed a way to show all the amazing gifts my mom got me! If I wasn’t already reading five or six other books, I would have already dove into one of each of the other books I got. I really, really love my round up of gifts! Maybe I’ll do a review sometime in the future of some of them. Maybe not.

Courtney and I were trying to decide what to do with the remaining hours she had to hang out. It was probably around 7 PM when we finally decided to watch Red Dwarf. We were possibly going to watch Supernatural, but considering the other two people (i.e. Jenni and my mom) who I was intending to include in it weren’t up, we opted to watch an episode of the show Hannah and I both liked. I was pretty sure Courtney wasn’t going to like it, but hey, why not try it.

OH MY GOSH, HER REACTION WAS HILARIOUS. We only watched the first episode and the entire time she was confused. One of my favourite reactions of her’s was “You and Hannah LIKE this show?!”. Yes, yes we do. Actually, we love it. Pffft. She thought it was funny when I was laughing at everything that was going on in the show.

I thought I might have ended up disappointed that she didn’t like it, but nope. I wasn’t. I was like “oh well”. I mean, it is a British TV show and a sci-fi sitcom. I’m sure it’s an acquired taste. To be honest, I’m not even quite sure why I like the show and how I could want to spend even more time watching four guys on a spaceship, but I do.

In the middle of watching it, I received a text message from my friend, Brittany, who said she was coming around 8. I WAS SUPER HAPPY AND SURPRISED ABOUT THAT. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS HOME OR SHE WAS PLANNING ON COMING. Of course, she could really only stay for about an hour, since I had to drive Courtney home. I was super excited about seeing Brittany again, as well as the two of them meeting – I really wanted them to meet.

I bet if I said we were all cousins, people would believe me. This is seriously an amazing picture.

Anyway, we ended up going down into the basement, played with the cats, and then I had to drive Courtney home.

Courtney and her mother gave me Pokémon Black 2. ♥

Overall, the day was pretty dang good. I do think March 9th was more fun, but that’s okay~! March 10th was nice and laid back and I think it was probably one of my best birthday parties ever. I’m so happy Courtney and Brittany could both come. So happy too that Jenni made the Pokéball (cup)cake(s)! And so happy with my presents. Ignoring that currently, Red Dwarf is the only gift I actually managed to indulge in so far.

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