Room Cleaning Part 4348392855394859438 (not really)

So, I’m really close to having my room completely organized. My closet is actually mostly done at this point – the sewing desk drawers were cleaned up a while back. I cleaned off the top of the desk, so the only things on it are my iron, the thing my iron stays on, a mini ironing board, and a few Pokémon plushies. Tsutarja looks like she’s dragging Meloetta away from Mijumaru, haha.

I also reorganized my wire drawers that didn’t contain my underwear/socks.


I think they look nicer now. Very empty, but nice. Definitely easier to find things.

So, what’s left for cleaning?

The two shelves in my closet and the little baskets hanging over my sewing desk. I would like to do a full clean up of those. Make more things fit, get rid of what I don’t want. Go through my wardrobe and figure out what I wanna get rid of.

I also need to go through my file cabinet, for multiple reasons. I’m scared to though, primarily because I’m afraid that I’m not gonna find what I’m looking for. I really, really hope I’m wrong. Also, will be totally fun seeing all my artwork again, old and new. Even if it’s a pain to sort through.

Also, I need to vacuum.

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