Month: March 2013

Doing Things

Sometimes I forget that things won’t get done unless I do them myself. It’s really easy to forget about that too, especially when laziness and other priorities take over. Other things seem so more important, like cleaning my room, that what I feel like I should be doing (like writing or drawing) gets pushed aside

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Why I Love Red Dwarf

I was introduced to (or rather, told about) Red Dwarf by my good friend, Hannah. I won’t go into much more details, but I watched series 1 to 9 on Netflix. In the foreground of my mind, I felt the show was good. However, somewhere in the back of my mind, something made me want to

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I don’t know. Tired. Blaaaaah.

I’m having one of those moments where I feel like doing something, yet I don’t feel like doing anything. There’s so many things I could be doing and I would love to, but I just don’t feel like it…and yet I do. I know, that’s confusing. I don’t think it’s laziness either. I think it’s

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My 21st Birthday

Going out to the bar with some close friends, having one’s first legal drink at the age 21, getting wasted to the point of blacking out. It’s how one would assume an American’s 21st birthday would go and I’m sure many did on March 10th. Mine obviously did not though because my interest in alcohol

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[Doodles] Folds and Dresses

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but I have an interest in historical fashion – which I would define as any article of clothing that is not worn today except in theatre/reenactments/people appreciating the era at some sort of event. I have a particular weakness for 18th century and 19th century

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A Week of Food

Kind of. I meant to make a blog entry about all the food I made, but…well, I didn’t get around to it. I was doing other things. Primarily playing more of Assassin’s Creed 3 side quests, despite that I find the game pretty lackluster in comparison to its previous installments (not to say there aren’t

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