Two Meals and a Snack

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on Pinterest, particularly on Ketaikun (my iPhone; uncleverly called “Mr. Cellphone”) and on Elegance (my iPad Mini). The site just kind of works extremely well as an app, save for that the in-app web browser doesn’t have tabs and likes to crash on me every now and then. And ignoring that scrolling through everything on the devices makes me feel a bit sick. Anyway, besides spending more time than I need to on pinning gorgeous historical fashions to my Pinterest, I also have been pinning a lot of food to possibly make as well.

I’ve been meaning to make food from Pinterest. There’s quite a few very delicious looking dishes on there and the chef in me wants to try them all, dreaming that one day, I’ll be able to write up original recipes inspired by things I previously made.

My current goal for making foods is to use what I have in the house, keep buying new foods to use at a minimum, and, an optional one, have it healthier than what I might usually eat. With those goals in mind, I picked out three dishes (well, two dishes and a snack):
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars
Linguine with Garlicky Breadcrumbs (original recipe here)
Revolutionary Mac & Cheese

I was actually going to make the bars for breakfast (it contains oatmeal…I can eat that for breakfast, right?) and have the mac & cheese for lunch, but a combination of laziness, procrastination, a lag of time, and missing ingredients caused me to put them off until later in the day. I was missing chocolate chips for the oatmeal bars (while we did have some chocolate chips, they’re for my younger sister’s recipe and I didn’t want to owe her) and I was missing nutmeg for the mac & cheese. I was able to go out to the store for the oatmeal bars, three hours after I decided I was going to do the bars (some internet procrastination and a shower are my excuses). The nutmeg for the mac & cheese had to wait several more hours. I’m still waiting for there to be 24 hour grocery stores. Those would be extremely helpful for a night owl like me.

After I came back from my 3 AM trip to CVS for semi-sweet chocolate chips, I think I ended up making the linguine with garlicky breadcrumbs, substituting the linguine with thin spaghetti.

The directions were easy enough where I didn’t really have to pay much attention to them for anything other than how to make the garlicky breadcrumbs. I wasn’t really sure how much I was going to like the dish – I’m more of a sauce person, however, I do enjoy garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs, and olive oil. I was hoping the enhanced flavour whole wheat gives whatever it’s paired with (or at least, it enhances the flavour, in my opinion) would help the dish’s true taste come out. And luckily for me, it did!

I was extremely surprised at how much I liked the dish. The breadcrumbs created both a pleasing texture and a scrumptious flavour, in combination to the other ingredients. Even the lemon juice – which I wasn’t too fond of using – worked with the garlicky crumbs. The only thing I truly felt was missing from the recipe was diced tomatoes. A light tomato flavour, in my opinion, would have complimented everything.

I liked the dish so much, I’m actually making it for dinner tomorrow today, with diced tomatoes, and hopefully with a side of tomatoes topped with cheese.

Later during the day, I finally got the motivation to actually get up an make those freakin’ oatmeal bars! I got out all the ingredients, two bowls, the mixer. When I put together the butter, sugars, vanilla, and egg, I also decided to put in one mushed banana and some scoops of peanut butter.


There’s been two things I’ve been wanting lately: chocolate and peanut butter. Not necessarily together, but I’ve been wanting them. I haven’t quite been wanting bananas, but since I had two left, I decided to use one and throw the other one I accidentally jabbed with my fingernail with away.

IMG_1742I thought that this oatmeal bar, originally intended to be my breakfast, would be the perfect thing to throw some bananas and peanut butter into. I debated at the last second about whether or not I should put them in: would everything bake alright? Am I fine with not sharing them with anybody? Then I pulled out a bowl, peeled, and mushed down a banana and took a spoon and put in two globs of peanut butter into the main mixture. Then I mixed it, got the other dry ingredients ready, then poured it into the main mixture. I patted down the dough with my hands (and immediately wished I hadn’t used an egg in it so I could lick the dough off my fingers) and popped it into the oven.

IMG_1744I took them out, let them cool, and cut them into really badly made squares. I was afraid of how they would taste. I took a bite and I’m happy to say I enjoyed them! You could definitely taste the peanut butter and occasionally the banana, so I knew I would be the only one who would eat them (my mom was a maybe, but leaning towards, no she wouldn’t like it – which she didn’t, so I was right about that). Between the peanut butter, chocolate, banana, and oats, my taste buds were pretty dang satisfied.

IMG_0861Then we get to the mac & cheese. This is my first time making mac & cheese without it being all prepackaged in a box, so I was a bit afraid of how it would turn out. I poured in my whole wheat shell pasta, milk, and started making the dish. When there was still about half a saucepan of milk left over, I wondered if I was doing something wrong. I was hoping I wasn’t though. From the tiny bit I was able to taste, the pasta was already amazing.

I poured in the cheddar cheese, some sea salt, and threw in nutmeg & cayenne pepper and at some point, some garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper too. It’s actually with the nutmeg and cayenne pepper that the mac & cheese started to go a bit too off rail for my taste buds. They made the mac & cheese kind of dry, despite how creamy it was. The cayenne pepper (obviously) made it a bit too spicy.

I actually like spicy foods, just not when they make my tongue feel dry and when my orange soda taste horrible because it’s conflicting with the taste overpowering my taste buds.

IMG_0862The mac & cheese overall was pretty good, though I definitely had more of a cream sauce going on rather than mac & cheese. Next time I need to:
– Either put in less milk or actual measure out the pasta and the milk
– No nutmeg or cayenne pepper; just use garlic powder and onion powder for additional flavouring

I’ll try it again at some point. It was decent. Probably the worst meal of the day.

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