Pizza. On a Potato. I can’t go wrong.

I’ve been wanting something with mushrooms for a while again, ever since I used them in my risotto recipe. I looked around my Pinterest’s Food board to see if I pinned any mushroom recipes. Alas, I had not. So, I decided to hop on over to How Sweet Eats and looked to see which recipes 1.) contained mushrooms, 2.) I would eat, and 3.) I would put in the effort to make. After browsing a few pages of results, I ended up finding Pizza Stuffed Potatoes.

I love pizza.

I rather like potatoes.

The recipe calls for mushrooms (though, you could easily make it without it).

I also like peppers.

And cheese.

The psp (lolololol psp pizza stuff potatoes (if you're not a geeky gamer, you won't get why I'm laughing)) put together.
The psp (lolololol psp pizza stuff potatoes (if you’re not a geeky gamer, you won’t get why I’m laughing)) put together.

The only thing I dropped from the recipe was the pepperoni, since, as I stated before, I’m vegetarian. I could have used an alternative, but naaaaah, peppers and mushrooms were fine.

I had to run out the store to get everything for the recipe. I actually ended up getting pulled over at some point because apparently the registry or something like that on my car expired that I wasn’t aware of. So I can’t drive for the next couple of days. Fun. No, not really. I really wanted to go get some shampoo since I’m out of the usual one I use, but oh well. Hopefully next week. Or I can force Jenni to take me.

Anyway, I decided to make these for my lunch. Which for most people, would be a late dinner. I’m going to be up until probably 4 or 5 AM anyway, so it’s my lunch, okay? I took two out of four potatoes from my bag, washed them, and put them in the oven.

About half way through baking them, I realized I forgot to poke holes in them. I took them out, poked them with a fork, and put them back in. They seemed to have baked okay despite I forgot.

I actually can’t believe I forgot to poke the potatoes, especially since I’ve been making baked (and by “baked”, I mean microwaved) potatoes off & on these past few weeks because they’ve been easy to make and to eat.

Anyway, once they came out, I just continued to follow the directions. I ended up dicing my sliced up peppers and my pre-sliced mushrooms with the food dicer thing because I wasn’t going to struggle to do it myself. Man, those things are more useful than I realize. I need to use them more. I poured the mixture into bowl of cheese and scooped out potato insides.

Covered in Sauce
Covered in Sauce

Then I put them back into the potato. And drizzled on sauce. And more cheese. And more mushrooms. And more peppers. Next time I need to put on more sauce, more cheese, and probably add some onions to the top. Maybe sauteed or caramelized onions for next time.

I put the pizza stuffed potatoes back in the oven, took them out, let them cool, put them onto a plate, poured myself some cranberry juice, brought them into my room, and began to eat them.

I kind of laugh that the mushrooms on top ended up looking a lot like sausage crumbles.

My brain hates me now.
My brain hates me now.

My overall verdict: DELICIOUS!

I’m actually really surprised the sauce tasted really good with potatoes. I’ve meant to try it, but I’ve never actually gotten around to searching for a recipe that used sauce and potatoes, until now, of course. Everything about this tasted great! I wish I had diced up some onions though, as I think it would’ve added some more flavour to the pizza (I also like onions on my pizza, so there’s that too…).

I would love to make mini ones one day. Maybe for that 21st birthday party I’m not gonna have on the 10th of March.

Recipe Followed: Pizza Stuffed Potatoes

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