’cause I’m not dead, dead, dead, dead…and I went to NYC again.

You probably didn’t sing part of the title unless you’ve heard the song. You might have if you heard the UK release of Electra Heart. If not…well, you might just have to go look up “Living Dead” by Marina & the Diamonds on YouTube.

Back in July, my friend, Steve, posted a link on his Facebook for a Marina & the Diamonds concert at Webster Hall. I liked the post, since I am a fan of Marina & the Diamonds. Shortly after, I got a FB Chat message from him, telling me I should go to the concert with him. I’ve been wanting to hang out with a friend for a while, I had the money, I’ve been wanting to go to another concert, and I’m a fan of Marina & the Diamonds, so it seemed like a great idea! I bought a ticket and spent the next month working through commission orders and my artwork.

As the date came closer, I had a decision to make – was I going to stay overnight or was I going to go home? I wasn’t sure what time I was getting out of the concert or how late the trains ran, so I decided that, just as a precaution, I would stay overnight.

Grand Central StationThe day arrived and I decided that rather driving to New Haven like I usually do, I would have my mom drive me. I originally wanted to be there at around noon, but after discovering that check in to the hotel wasn’t until 3 PM, I figured that later would be okay too. My mom began to drive me towards the train station in her jeep (which has no doors or roof on it), but ended up turning around because we kind of got lost and she felt bad I didn’t have a jacket. We switched to one of her other cars and headed off, taking our pretty little time getting to the train station. I arrived there at around 10:30. There was a train leaving for Grand Central at 10;35, but I didn’t feel like rushing, so I waited for the next train about an hour later. I got on and it was pretty smooth from there.

I got in around 1:45 PM and texted Steve. I probably waited 10 minutes or so before we met up. He made some remark about how we looked like siblings with our hair and that he liked how my hair was (which was just natural on how it falls). We walked out of Grand Central and decided we were first going to eat, with me choosing Panera Bread. We ordered, sat down, and waited for our food to come. It was kind of exciting for the food to be brought to us, rather than us having to go get the food, as usually when I go to Panera, I have to wait for mine. Which is awkward when I’m also carrying around something else in my hands. Anyway, Steve and I pretty much just talked during the meal, ’cause, well, there wasn’t really anything to do but eat. There was some discussion about Japan and there was a discussion on how I do a kajillion things at once. He then said he had notice that I tend to start things and not finish them, which I pointed out is due to my ADD. He decided to bring up that he’ll IM me once and I’ll be working on one short story, but then next time he does, I’ll be working on another.

I would’ve brought up that short stories is a poor example of my ADD, but I didn’t think of it at the time. He doesn’t talk to me frequently enough, so it would make sense that I would be working on a different short story at one time then another one at another time. Also, I have a policy that if I end up running out of ideas for a story I put it aside. I run out of ideas pretty easily, since the ideas I go in with are generally poorly developed when I do go to write them. I see no point in continuing to write them if the ideas are half baked and no more are coming out to help it. The story itself was probably not worth doing in the first place. If I feel like it (which is often the case), I’ll go back and reread it, sprouting new ideas, and generally taking a new stab at a story. To the point where I want to finish it. I’ll finish things I want to finish, even if I want to go do something else. I will always finish things I truly want to finish, just not in the time frame people will find more reasonable or better or something along those lines.

Anyway, we headed off to Kinokuniya right afterward, myself immediately going down into the basement so I could go and get my Japanese learning material books. I picked up the Kanji textbook that goes with the intermediate textbook of my choice and began poking around for some other things I wanted: a separate grammar workbook just in case I decide to go the route I’m considering instead of just going directly to my intermediate textbook. I found one that used to be a level N3 review for the JLPT and this other one that clears up some grammar confusion for beginners, so I got ’em. I also purchased a level N4 (JLPT-related) textbook as well for review purposes. I went up to the very top floor next and picked myself out volumes 7 through 10 of Beelzebub (because I’m going to read them all, DANG IT! Even if it means I have to use a dictionary at every word) and volume 2 of the OreImo light novel, simply to remind myself that, HEY! This is where I want to get to one day. I wanna crack open a Japanese novel and be able to read it with my English “level” of reading (which would be not knowing about 5 words per page). I also picked up the Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 soundtrack, since I was missing it from my collection.

I can’t remember what we did after that…I think we went to where I was staying so I could check in. I put my stuff in my room, plugged in my little portable internet thing, started up my laptop, and um…Steve and I just kind of wasted some time talking before heading to Webster Hall.

Webster HallWhen we arrived, we were really confused about where the line began. They seemed to kind of switch the line. Shortly before they started letting everybody in, they checked IDs and marked everyone under 21 with something that resembled a “B” on both hands, presumably so no one under 21 could buy alcohol. They gave everyone 21 and over some special bands instead.

It was my first time going to a concert like this, especially because everyone was crowded into the room and had to stand. About half an hour later, the opening act for Marina & the Diamonds came on. I don’t remember the band’s name, probably because they’re completely irrelevant to me. They were from New York though. I remember that much. They had some rock edge to them. They were decent.

Then about half an hour or so after they ended, Marina came out! She walked out wearing a wedding veil and her overall outfit kind of reminded me of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” for some reason. She sung “Homewrecker” and I started getting excited and sung along, like a lot of other people were doing. I actually started to tear up during the song. She essentially created a character for her album, Electra Heart, which made me be able to easily view the world through the characters eyes, which is why I started crying. I know, that seems silly.

Marina & the DiamondsShe then went on to sing “Oh No” from her first album, which is one of two songs I love from her first album. I decided to take a bit of video during the song and someone hit my phone and it fell to the ground. I was like “where’s my phone” and luckily someone found it. I couldn’t help but smile because my phone, an iPhone, was perfectly alright. Funny that my phone dropped during a song called “Oh No”. THEN she sung “Mowgli’s Road”, which is my other favourite song off her first album.

I can’t really remember too much of the concert. I mean, there was nothing super notable other than Marina being covered in glitter and being utterly adorable. Seriously. She’s adorable. I do remember there was some drunk girl who was right in front of Steve who he kept on wanting to punch because she was in the way and I wanted to punch her and all her drunk friends for squishing all of us sober people enjoying the concert together. I also remember the concert version of “Power & Control” had an extended opening, which made me think “I know this song, but what it is” and that Marina was really happy about having a sash made that read “Miss Shellfish Beach”…which is something I don’t get. She wore it during “Bubblegum Bitch” though, so I guess it has something to do with that. Could some actually tell me the reference?

She ended with an encore of a few songs I don’t remember.

Overall, the concert was really enjoyable! I just hated the crowding of people, but oh well. It was still wonderful to see Marina in person. Man, she was adorable.

After the concert, Steve and I walked around for a bit, got some pizza, and then I went back to my hotel room. I ripped my Pokémon CD to my laptop, even though I knew I couldn’t listen to the B2&W2 tracks quite yet since I didn’t start the game. I did, however, listen to some of the songs from the other game soundtracks. The B2&W2 CD contained some tracks from third versions of previous Pokémon games.

Books! (From Book Off)The next day, I decided I wanted to go and check out a witch shop in NYC, because, you know, why not? It is something I’m interested in, after all. I headed to where it was and suddenly realized that they didn’t open until 1 PM. I had checkout time at noon, so I killed a bit of time, went back to my room, packed up, and left. To kill some more time before 1, I went to Book Off. I went and poked around the manga section in the basement, finding three Pocket Monsters Special manga I didn’t already own (even though I could’ve sworn I owned one of them based off the image on the back) and two manga for my friends, as I found the ones I wanted to get them. I headed back upstairs and poked around in the spirituality section, finding a few books I either wanted or I felt would be helpful for studying witchcraft. If you guys didn’t already know I was studying it for a variety of reasons.  I payed, left, and sat down on a bench nearby, looking at the pigeons. My fingers were hurting because all the bags I was carrying (I had my purse-looking bag across my shoulder, my backpack on, and two store bags in my hands that I kept on having to switch because they hurt so badly from holding them). I had time to kill though, since my mom wouldn’t be able to pick me up at Union Station until after 3.

Witch BooksI decided to head back to that witch shop I wanted to check out, since by the time I got there, it was time for them to open. The way I went though…I had to walk for so long. I took the long way around to get there and my hands were killing me. I had to sit down for about 10 minutes or so for my hands to stop looking so read. I eventually found the place and felt really awkward. I didn’t quite know what I wanted to get, there were three people just talking to each other inside, and I had been carrying a huge amount of bags. I quickly decided to get a few books, paid, and left.

I dragged myself and all my bags to Grand Central, got onto the train, and left.

Overall, the trip was pretty good. I just know never to stay overnight in NYC again unless it’s for like…two days and I’m returning home early in the morning, ’cause, GEEZ, my hands hurt! It was also nice hanging out with a friend, since that was something I hadn’t done in a long time. I miss my friends.

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