Oh, geez. I don’t even know where I should begin. The Japanese? The Classes? The Village? I just don’t know!

Its been over two months, I believe, since I last wrote on here! It was only going to be a month originally, I believe, but I got so busy, I completely lost motivation to write my blog! I feel really bad because I told this really pretty blonde lady at a shop I visited about my blog, saying I would blog about the shop, but didn’t get around to it! Well, guess what? I am now!

But geez, where to begin! It’s kind of hard for me at this point to think really back in my brain of all the things I have done over the past two months or so. For non-lifey things, I updated this site to use Disqus for commenting. You can log in from pretty much any website to leave a comment, which I highly encourage!

Anyway, I guess lets start in the beginning of June. If you haven’t read my past blog post (either on here or on this blog), I am learning Japanese. I spent about 5 months actually doing some proper studying, using a wonderful textbook called Genki. Around the first week of June, I manage to actually complete volume 1 of Genki! You would think I would feel excited and satisfied finishing it up, but I didn’t. Probably because I knew there would be 11 more chapters for me to trudge through in the second volume, plus study for the upcoming Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December.

Navi Waking Me
This is one of the pictures I took of the game screen. Navi (the fairy) is saying “Deku Tree-sama is calling for you! Kelly, wake up!”

Probably the thing that was a bit more exciting for me upon completion was the fact I got to FINALLY start playing Zeruda no Densetsu: Toki no Okarina 3D (a.k.a. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D). I decided to give it to myself as a reward for completing Genki I. I was hoping I would understand a larger majority of it than I would have if I started it when I first got the game back last year. Needless to say, I was right. Except I still didn’t/don’t understand most of the game’s dialogue. Which is fine. I understand more than I would have and recognize a lot more than I would have a few months ago! One of the things that made me excited to play the game was the fact the kanji (chinese characters) had furigana (kana (which is essentially the Japanese alphabet) that guide the reading of the kanji) over it during the dialogue sequences, which means I could learn new words and kanji at the same time! Initially, I had begun to type up a word list as I played the game, but that took me too long to do, so I started to take pictures with my cell phone of the game’s screen to later, with ease and speed, put the words into a word list, then later into some digital flash cards for studying. I’m hoping to play the game again in about two years time and be able to understand much more of it the second time around. I’ll probably do an impressions review on my reviews blog upon finishing it, because I really have to praise a lot of it, especially the 3D. It made me appreciate the 3D on the 3DS.

Upon completing Genki, I knew there was something I had to do that I wasn’t really quite looking forward to: shelving Japanese for about a month in order to play catch up on my artwork.

You see, I have this really bad tendency to start a ton of projects and not get them all done in the time frame I desire to get them done in. Not to mention, I also have what I call “intense cycles of focus”, where my mind will clamp to one thing for about a week or two and I’ll be able to learn or do something very effectively before my desire to work on it runs out, which leaves me not feeling like doing anything. Earlier in the year, I finally accepted I had more projects than I can handle. However, at this point, I can’t drop them. They’re all started and I really, truly want to finish them all. I needed to pick the battles I wanted to join though and so I did – Japanese, Artwork, and writing a fanfiction. My website is on the list too, but not right now, since I need to get my previous artwork done before I start working on my website.

Upon accepting that I can’t do anymore projects, my “idea car” in my brain seemed to run out of gas, which left me unable to draw any new images or truly start any new projects or come up with any new ideas. They all had to be something I previously agreed to work on. My slate for the future seemed to be cleared of everything but what I want to focus on this year. In June, I got 3 sets of commissions, in bulk (3 pictures, 1 picture, 6 pictures for three different orders), from one of my more frequent clients who wanted me to make monster graphics for their games, which I accepted primarily because I have been wanting to make graphics for their games for SO long! They were also including me in their game as a boss…so I really wanted to accept their commission.

Knowing I had 11 lessons left for Japanese, the JLPT to study for, a lot of images (I estimated around 60 at the time; lolololol more like 80) to finish inking and colour, 5 or 6 comics to complete, and a website to FINALLY put together, I decided to shut down my commissions starting July 1st to spend the next two or three months speeding through my artwork. Not to mention, July 1st was also when I decided to start my gamification plan (I’ll get more into this in a bit).

June itself was pretty much dedicated to finishing up inking artwork and starting two classes: “Touching the Divine” and “Palmistry”. You see, my mom goes to this wonderful psychic named Karen sometimes and is subscribed to her newsletter. My mom has forwarded me the newsletter before that advertised some of Karen’s classes, which I was thinking of taking. About a month before, I was thinking of doing “Touching the Divine” and “Palmistry”, but I never called. When my mom forward me this sort of “last call” e-mail for it, I called, reserved a spot, and started going. I thought they were both good places to start – “Touching the Divine” seemed like it was going to allow me to open up my subconscious much better and increase my intuition and palmistry…well, it was a good initiative to learn something I’ve been wanting to learn for a while. You might not believe in this stuff and that’ll make me frown, but eventually dismiss you because my open minded, “level-headed skepticism” (as I like to call it) thinks it could be real, just as much as it can’t. Even if it’s not real, the information is still interesting and could be helpful for writing my own stories! The first classes for both were pretty good, but the second classes really set me up for knowing how I really felt about them.

“Touching the Divine” was largely unstructured and mostly boring, probably because we spent about three classes on Mediumship, which is something I really could careless about. I was hoping to learn a way to open up my third eye, not talk to the dead! (We did eventually do that, but that was the second to last class…and by that time, I was grumpy for having to be there.) I don’t think it helped either that the class had three relatively quiet people (myself included) in it, so it made the air kind of dreary.

“Palmistry”, on the other hand, was wonderful! Maybe its because of my long standing interest in Palmistry, the energetic people in the class, or both, but I really enjoyed it! It was within the first class I figured out that Palmistry itself is actually definitely more of a science than it is some sort of “mystical psychic hoodoo voodoo” thing. If trees can have rings that tell you how old they are, then why can’t people have markings on their hands that indicate information about their life? I did get a sprinkling of a foundation for palmistry in my head after the class. Even if I took some written notes, it probably wouldn’t have helped me. I need to read something first several times, then write it, then listen. I was reminded why I don’t take classes, but it still didn’t put a damper on the class. I think it really helped that the atmosphere was very lively. I got to watch people who were like…20, 30 years older than me talk and have a good time, making jokes and what not. It was a totally different feeling from “Touching the Divine”. Actually, it was thanks to the Palmistry class that I finally decided to pull out my tarot cards and try to read them. (We did an exercise of reading tarot cards and seeing how it relates to our hands; it was pretty interesting.)

During the…I think it was the “Touching the Divine” class, Karen had talked about a small town in Rhode Island called Wickford Village. We had been talking about the feeling old buildings give off – like how you can feel their age – and she brought it up. On an impulse the next day, I went there. I was mainly interested in the crystal shops they had – you see, I’ve been wanting to research crystals for a while for my own stories and finally borrowed The Crystal Bible from Karen, which sparked my interest in crystals greatly – and see their selection. I was sick of sitting at home like I always do, my friends were all too busy or had money restraints, and I was off of doing…well, everything, on that Wednesday. That morning, I inked one commission, got an idea of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to buy, and headed off. I distinctly remembering being annoyed in the car because my MP3 player wouldn’t play more energetic or more adventurous music; it played more soothing tunes, which really didn’t set the mood of mostly driving on highway! Seriously, Bookie, play me “The Great Sea” from the Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker (actually, I highly recommend that track if you’re driving; it changes the mood into something more exciting and adventurous)! Anyway, the drive to Wickford Village was really nice. It was really interesting getting to the borders of Rhode Island & Connecticut – there were trees everywhere. TONS of trees. And the little bridge you had to get over to go to Rhode Island was so low and near the water. I bet it floods during heavy rainfall.

Look at the pretty water!
Where I was parked, more or less.

Anyway, when I got to the village, I was greet by a rather peaceful looking, small town on the water. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to park anywhere (since it was all parallel parking, which I’ve never done before), but I was fortunately able to find a really nice spot that made it easy to pull into and out. After I grabbed my two bags, got out of my car, and locked it, I took a picture of the water I was by partially to remember where I parked and partially to post on this blog. Once I was done with that, I started to walk around a bit, unsure where I had wanted to go first. When I first started working, I went straight ahead and to the right, eventually going into an area of really fancy houses which reminded me of antebellum houses of the south. Figuring I was leaving the shop area, I turned around. As I was walking back down the sidewalk, I saw a sign for a shop called The Herb Wyfe, which was a shop Karen recommended. It was a place that carried herbs (obviously), aromatherapy items, and supposedly crystals. I was kind of excited to see the sign, so I walked there, opened the door, and went inside, feeling just kind of awkward like I often do when I enter places I’ve never been before. Some rather spirited Celtic music was playing, which really just made me want to close my eyes and be whisked away by the sound of the music to a

The Herb Wyfe Goodies
The stuff I bought at The Herb Wyfe!

land of the greenest grass and the most beautiful, crystal clear waters. I kept pulling myself away though and poked around. I felt kind of bad staying there for so long – a part of me really wanted to get some herbs and some aroma items, but I have zero knowledge, so I couldn’t. I did get a pendulum though (which I didn’t realize it was and tore the chain off on purpose when I got home to use the amethyst at the end of it as a necklace), as well as a smallish glass jar for cleansing the crystal, and a book called A Victorian Grimmoire partially due to my own interest in magic and the Victorian era and partially for story research. After I left the store, I stopped back at my car, put the items on my front seat, and walked off again, deciding that I was going to get something to eat.

Best. Pizza. Ever.
Best. Pizza. Ever.

I kind of stopped at a pastry shop first and bought two delicious-looking, mediocre-tasting pastries. I was going to eat them, but I decided against it as I wanted something that wasn’t a snack full of sugar right at that moment. That’s when I decided to go to a place called My Place. It’s this small pizza shop with a very welcoming atmosphere. I went inside and was happy to be greeted by a burst of cold air from the air conditioning, ordered some pizza, sat down, and waited. I sat pretty quietly, silently judging the couple sitting across the room and condemning them for being as open as they were. I soon got my pizza – a small cheese pizza topped with tomatoes and onions – and oh man, my mouth was in heaven. The pizza was truly better than I expected! I mean, insanely better. As in it’s probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had! The dough itself definitely had something to do with it – it had a ton of flavour, more flavour than any other bread I’ve tasted. It made me wish I had gotten a bigger pizza! Once I finished it, I threw the left over crust and my empty soda bottle away and left.

The Greatful Heart
The sign for the Grateful Heart.

When I left I started looking up Wickford Village on my phone to find the place I wanted to check out – the Grateful Heart – which was suppose to have a ton of crystals. I tried to follow the map and ended up going the wrong way, so I turned around and walked back around, trying to find my way. I was starting to get annoyed that I was failing to find the Grateful Heart…only to find it staring at me in the face. I was pretty happy about that, so I went inside. The house its in is beautiful and historic, but I hated the rather creaky floors. No matter how lightly I step, it still creaks, which always seems to remind me that I’m fat. Um…but yeah. So, I walked inside and was pretty happy to see a room full of crystals! I got inside and started looking around, searching for all the crystals on my list. The woman who runs the shop was watching me and I seemed to get this unpleasant, unwelcome feeling from her, like a “hurry up and leave” sort of feeling. I quickly got the crystals I wanted that I could find and left, not wanting to annoy her any longer or have the floor boards embarrassingly creak under my heavy footsteps. I really wanted to explore the store itself more because it clearly had more to offer, but I couldn’t help shake off that uneasy feeling I got. It could have been my imagination though.

The Grateful Heart Round Up
The crystals I bought at The Greatful Heart!

Anyway, I continued walking that way and came across an art gallery place, which I initially thought was an art shop. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t, except for a tiny area in the back…which had a small Watercolour book that I’ve never seen before. You know sketchbooks? Well, this one was for watercolour. And it was kind of small. Small enough to make decent pictures and practice watercolour in! I was pretty excited about that, so I bought it, and left.

I then stopped in a shop called Different Drummer. The shop advertised some bracelets called “Troll Bracelets”, believe, which caught my interest due to the different country beads they had. I went inside the store and was kind of flabbergasted at the rather high prices for the products of…well, everything in the store. I was low on money at this point and couldn’t bring myself to buy the troll bracelets with how expensive they were! I did end up getting this really pretty looking dream box though…not that I remember where I put it.

Olive Oil Company
The olive oil company that surprisingly turned out to be one of my favourite places in Wickford!

After that, I walked back down, the other way, past The Herb Wyfe, and poked around, seeing if there were any other places of interest. There had been one place that was suppose to be open according to the hours on there door. Unfortunately, the door was locked. I kind of stood there for a few minutes, wondering if it was really locked or if there was another entrance. I was going to walk away, but my eyes caught onto the sign of a shop called Narragansett Bay Olive Oil Company. It kind of looked like I could get to the other shop from inside there, so I went in. It quickly became apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to do that, so I asked the young blonde woman at the counter if she knows if the shop next door was open or not. She told me it normally was, but the woman who ran the shop hates the heat, so she probably closed early. I was disappointed. Rather than leaving the olive oil store, I think…I started to ask a few questions about it and the woman gave me a slight tour of the olive oils and vinegars. She presented them to me in professional wine tasting-like fashion, introducing me to something I didn’t know existed – flavoured olive oil.

Olive Oil Round Up
The Olive Oil I bought! Plus the Strawberry Vinegar everyone must try. Seriously, you must.

Yes, I didn’t know of its existence before than. I was also fascinated by the variety of different kind of vinegar. I poked around the olive oil store for a while, particularly in the vinegar section, trying out a ton of them. My taste buds immediately fell in love with Strawberry flavoured vinegar, which gave me a scrumptious tangy taste that shouted at me to get it, even if I didn’t know what to put it on. I asked the woman at the front counter what it would be good for putting on that was vegetarian friendly. She gave me the typical stuff of things like salads and I was like “I’m gonna get this anyway; I’ll find something” and went back to taste testing, including a cherry vinegar one and a chocolate vinegar, which wasn’t really that good, but still an interesting concept. As I worked my way back to the front, my eyes caught onto Lemon Olive Oil. I tried it and didn’t really like the lack of lemon taste, but felt that I needed to get it for my younger sister, who is addicted to putting lemon juice on pretty much everything. After that, I grabbed the garlic olive oil and the Italian Blend olive oil, paid, briefly mentioned this blog and wrote down the URL for the woman, and eventually left.

I went back to my car, turned it on, sat down, and took a picture of the lemon olive oil to send my younger sister, to let her know I bought her something. I thought for a bit whether or not I wanted to go explore more, but I had been there for a about four or so hours, making me feel like it was time to leave – most of the shops were going to be closing soon anyway. I left feeling pretty good about the goodies I obtained that day. To be honest, my favourite parts of that trip were the pizza that makes me really want to go back and the Olive Oil Company. If you ever go to Wickford Village, please, go visit My Place and Narragansett Bay Olive Oil Company! They’re both very enjoyable aspects of the village.

I returned back home that night with the intention of writing, but I felt too worn out to do that, so I put it off until now.

Also during June – the last thing during June I’m going to mention is- I got back the results for this neurological testing that was to figure out what I have that might be causing my feelings of confliction. I apparently have ADD and mild depression, as well as that my brain works REALLY fast in some areas, but really slow in others, which I either knew or didn’t find surprising. The rest of me was apparently “typical young adult” stuff of trying to “find out who they are” and yada yada. I almost laughed when the guy thought I started to get frustrated with myself for being slow, since it made me feel like I wasn’t as good as others. I typically get frustrated at others because they’re not as good as me. Yes, I’m that vain that I don’t find others as good as me for the most part. I just don’t go around acting like that unless I need to. The guy suggested with the kind of ADD that I have, that I should make list and block out times to do those things. He was surprised that I’ve actually done that on several occasions before. My problem? I don’t stick to the list, even if I block out time. I usually can last for about a day and a half before I start slipping. After I left, I decided I really needed to do something about that, especially since I had so much on my to do list. That’s when the idea of gamification hit me. Which I didn’t realize was a thing until I googled it. I poked around the Gamification Wiki for a while, soon stumbling upon a book called Reality is Broken, which I bought on Kindle. I quickly got ideas for my own gamification experiment and decided to put it into action July 1st.

Okay, I should probably back up, shouldn’t I? You don’t know what gamification is, do you? Well, gamification is when you take something that isn’t a game and apply game concepts to it.

According to Reality is Broken, there are four major components to a great game: 1.) a goal, 2.) rules, 3.) feedback, and 4.) voluntary participation. And if you look at video games, or really, any kind of game, this is actually true. This inspired me to do a progress bar and a checkbox thing (which I put silver stars into) whenever I complete a task.

I know some people are wondering why I’m doing this and why I can’t just, you know, just do the stuff as I feel like it. It’s because I did the stuff as I feel like it that I have too many projects! I have issues staying on task, probably thanks to my ADD, and I needed a little push into the right direction. Just simply blocking out time and making a list didn’t make me want to get the tasks done, regardless of how hard I tried or wanted to (that motivation quickly dissipated). I’ve done a bit of gamification in the past and have found that it helps me get things done, so I wondered if it could help me on a larger scale.

Gamification progress
A picture of my gamificaton progress, just to give you an idea.

So, for my gamification plan, what I do is that on one side of the paper, the day before whenever (like, let’s say I was making plans for July 2nd, which I would make on July 1st), I write down all the task I want to do that day and how much time I think it would take me. I write down as much as I want, until my mind starts to shout at me “STOP! IT’S TOO MUCH!”. Then that day, I wake up, paste the progress bar on top, write “1” under every other tick mark (which ends up as 18 hours total), number the order I want to do the task in and cross some out if I feel like I need to, and figure out when I am planning to start my day and block time out from there.

Let’s say I woke up at 6:14 AM. I would probably take a shower, get out at around 7 AM, and decide that I am going to start my day properly at 8 AM. I write down the tasks on my list, blocking out times on both the progress bar and the list. When I finish it, I relax for a bit until its time to begin. I make sure to factor in breaks as well which range from a half hour to an hour.

My main goal is to get all the task of the day done. I cannot go to sleep until I get them done (unless the next day is a “break day”, which just means I don’t have to be on a schedule – that’s usually Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays; if I don’t take Wednesday off, then I take Thursday off). The best feeling is to be ahead of schedule, but I don’t beat myself up too badly if I fall behind – I might have had some difficulties working on something or gave myself too little time. Or else I got off task, but I’m usually really good at getting myself back on during this gamification experiment because I don’t want to delay everything for too long! And if I am working on some tasks that day and feel like giving up and relaxing, that’s too dang bad! I gotta get it all done. Only exception is if there’s something out of my control, like my hand hurting so badly that I can’t really use it.

For some people, this may seem needlessly complicated. If you do think so…well, quite frankly, I feel bad for you and your lack of need for clear feedback and a tinge of fun in your life and work.

It’s thanks to this gamification too that I’ve gotten better at shutting off my mind and not getting distracted by a trillion things.

ANYWAY! I spent the first week of July pretty much just inking the remainder of my images in my folder. I soon finished them and felt a sense of happiness that my folder had zero images remaining. I spent another week sketching another commission I got (9 monster graphics). During that week, I began to apply base colour to the images I had finished inking.

I think it was last Monday when I was inking the commissions I had. On my gamification list, I had written that I was going ink about half the commission order today and the other half the next day. I set aside 3 hours to work on it. After about an hour and a half, I managed to get 5 done and couldn’t remember if I had said I was going to work on the other half tomorrow or not. Since I had so much time left, I decided to do the rest of them…which was kind of a bad idea. By the time I got to the 8th one, my hand was killing me, but I managed to finish all 9 graphics in terms of inking. I then applied base colour to my own imagesand everything seemed alright until the next day where my hand was still killing me. I continued to apply base colour since that didn’t require a whole lot of hand movements, but it was getting to be a pain to type. By the time Thursday came, I knew I was going to have to take at least the weekend off. My Palmistry class was wondering what was wrong and I told them that I thought it might have been my carpal tunnel acting up at first, but now I think I strained the muscle. They told me to go get some Tiger Balm and just continue wearing my braces and take some medicine and I’ll be fine. I bought some Badger Balm and tried to avoid medicine as long as possible.

It then hit Monday this week and my hand seemed to be feeling MUCH better! I was pretty happy. I had a ton of things on my schedule, including Japanese! My day was packed with Japanese, artwork, writing, and laundry. It seemed to be going super well until I got to working on my Japanese for the second time that day. You see, I was working on the textbook practices, which I write out using a pencil and paper. As I was writing, my hand began to feel worse and worse, eventually to the point I want to start crying, they felt so bad! It was a crippling pain that made it seem like I couldn’t do anything. Knowing I would have to take it easy for the rest of the week, but still somehow manage to make my deadline of next week for the commissions, I went to bed. I figured my hand would hurt less after a good night’s sleep.

Which it kind of did, but not enough. I knew if I started working on anything, it would quickly start hurting like crazy again. I finally threw my hands up in defeat and decided to take a Moltren. A pill Moltren. If you don’t know me, I’ve never had a pill before Tuesday. I was scared of swallowing them. When I first decided to take one, I was going to have a pop tart, but was like “no, I don’t want something that sugary” and tried to just swallow it with water.

…I kept failing.

Failing horribly.

I couldn’t get myself to swallow it.

I got annoyed and was like “do you know what, I’m just gonna eat the pop tart”, so I did. I chewed the pop tart and right before I swallowed, I threw the pill in. It went down easily and my hand felt slightly better! I was able to work on the commission and help teach a friend how to digitally colour (which were the only two things I put on my list). Later that night, I had two more pills to really kill the pain, which greatly helped.

Some of the crystals I purchased at A New Page that I put in a pouch that I made out of scrap fabric.

At some point during all this intense pain, I went to a shop called A New Page. Again, it was a shop that Karen recommended. I went there mainly for the crystals and my huge interest in them. I wasn’t quite sure when they opened and went at around 9:30 AM (even though I got the feeling they didn’t open until around noon). When I looked at the sign on the door of when they “would be back”, the clock hand was in between 10 and 11 AM, so I decided to just drive to Barnes & Noble, where I picked up a book on Palmistry and a book called The Tarot Bible. I drove back to A New Page, which was open by the time I got there, and was immediately greeted by a pretty warm atmosphere. I went inside, kind of excited of not just being at a new shop, but actually being familiar with the general area of the place around the shop (it’s across from some gas station, which is nearby a nostalgia shop). I immediately went over to the crystals and started shopping. After I got on the floor to look for the crystals I wanted, the shop owner remarked something about that I clearly knew what I wanted, since I was getting on the floor to look for it. I laughed and was like “Yep!”. I spent a lot of time walking around the shop. I kind of internally cried not knowing anything about candle magic or herbal magic, because I really wanted to buy some, but I was completely clueless on what to get. I eventually hovered my way over to the bookshelf and picked up Colour Magic for Beginners and Practical Magic for Beginners. I also went back over to the crystals and picked up The Complete Crystal Handbook, since it was slightly cheaper (and by slightly, I mean $2 cheaper) than The Crystal Bible (which Amazon as for about $9 less). The shop owner asked me if I was all set and asked her if she had any candles she would recommend for reaching one’s higher self, as I know nothing about candle magic. I also at some point told her that Karen recommended the shop and I’m in two of her classes. Anyway, she handed me two candles – one for guides and one with angels – saying either one would work. Since I find angels scary, merciless soldiers, I decided to go with the guardian candle one. So I got that and a candle holder as well. I left, feeling pretty good, as well as kind of wishing to go back. I luckily got to go back due to my mom wanting me to get a crystal for her friend.

Then let’s fast forward to today. Well, yesterday since it’s 2:51 AM on Friday as I’m writing this. I woke up, feeling kind of better than the day before (which I became sad and frustrated at the fact I wanted to hang out with friends, but all my friends are either too busy, have money restraints, or live too far away…which I became more depressed about after a meditation, like what the heck?). I decided I REALLY wanted to get out of the house. I wanted to go search for some new places to get crystals from, so I searched “Crystal Shops” on Google and came to a site that listed Pagan shops in Connecticut. Then I found another site that did the same thing, only better and more expansive. I discovered that there was a store in my own town called Enchantments and decided that, hey, I was gonna go there and check out what they have. They had a small collection of stones that were more expensive than I would have liked, but there were still some really nice stones that I got, as well as two candles, and two books. It was kind of a nice shop. I felt kind of awkward though when my mom called me as I was paying…

I stopped at the Dollar Store on the way home to get a candle holder.

Since I didn’t take Wednesday off, I took Thursday off, so I kind of just like…watched Spongebob, read more Colour Magic for Beginners, and started talking to my online friends. I was reminded of 1.) why I was friends with all these awesome people and 2.) the last “Touching the Divine” class on Tuesday, where we talked about what we put out into the universe and the kinds of people we attract. Three other online friends and I all had the same complaint about our offline friends being busy and not understanding. It made me laugh, because besides from our mutual interest in Pokémon, we all seem to have issues with our offline friends being too busy. It also turns out me and another one of my online friends have more in common than I thought, which is awesome to know. Basically, we would rather spend our day walking around a town and drawing than we would clubbing and drinking.

I was thinking about going to Salem, MA this weekend to get out of the house. I wanted to go somewhere I haven’t been before or haven’t been in a while. Wickford sounded slightly appealing, but not appealing enough. New York City seemed too busy for what I desired to do, plus I was going to go there anyway next month for a concert. Salem, MA was a place I haven’t been in a while (and by a while, I mean not since 4th grade) and with my new found (or revived interest is potentially more like it) in magic and spiritual things, I decided it would be a good idea to go there.

So, at the end of the Palmistry class, Karen was kind of jokingly like “We should take a road trip somewhere, like Salem, MA”. Which seemed to go very well with the rest of the class, including myself since I was planning on going there anyway. So then it turned out on Sunday, we’re suppose to go on a little road trip to Salem!




AND AROUND PEOPLE. Oh my gosh, I am so sick at being at home. I really want to hang out with a friend and go somewhere, but that’s not going to be happening anytime soon. This is as close as I’m going to get.

I love how Salem just happened to be the place too! I mean, I guess it makes sense, since they are all kind of into that magic stuff too. It actually popped up after talking about Brooklyn, NY though.


I had so much energy after the class. I couldn’t help it! I was happy! I was happy to finally go onto a trip with some people! It’s because of that class I finally decided to sit down and write this blog entry! I need to make sure my blog is up to date before I get to write about what happens there!

If anything happens at all. Actually, yes, things are going to happen. I’m going on a trip. That alone is enough of something happening.

So…get ready for that entry. Maybe. If I feel like it.

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