Month: May 2012


I like to refer to the order of learning Japanese (or learning anything, really) as “doors”. Generally, doors lead to rooms, sometimes to a room with more doors to open. While some doors don’t have locks on them, others do. For language learning, you generally first stand in a room with a few doors with

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Alone New York Trip #2

So, the day before yesterday, I decided that I would got to New York City on Friday (which was yesterday). It should be obvious that I do like NYC. Quite frankly, I needed a huge break from being inside the house. I think I could actually use two more days, but oh well. There’s nothing

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The Breaks and the Study

About four weeks ago, I came home from my therapist and made a sudden decision: I was not going to touch my computer. I didn’t really know for how long, but I knew it was a great idea. For me, my computer (and more so the Internet) is a home for me. Even though it’s

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The Breaks & the Method

About three weeks ago, I had a two week break (that ended just last week) from the computer. I needed a break from my usual life and just needed some time to relax. I knew I wouldn’t be “vacationing” in my most ideal sense, but it was alright for what it was. I initially played

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