Flashcards, AWAY! [hay gaiz, there be pics]

So, I was thinking of going through my Anki flashcard decks of vocabulary to prep me up for jumping back into Japanese, you know, to get the gears turning.

However, looking at my rather long list, it became quite apparent to me I didn’t want to review the individual decks, but all the decks together. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do that without making a deck myself. I was wishing someone else had been on the same lessons I had been and had made decks up to those particular chapters, but alas, no one had. I spent probably a good two days typing up all vocabulary from lessons one to eight –  including from the kanji sections.

Myself, making grammar cards for Genki.

I also decided that I needed a way to review the grammar I know as well, so I made a deck dedicated to all the vocabulary, using sentence examples from the chapters. I know this won’t be enough though, so as soon as I finish up Genki I, I’m going to be sentence mining to help me have a better understanding of grammar. Writing journal entries and such is definitely going to be helping as well. All this is meant to do is help me review and get my brain running in the right direction.

Editing Grammar Flashcards
In the process of making grammar flashcards~ Can you tell which grammar point I was working on here>

I am definitely feeling good about these flashcards! The SRS (space repetition software) method is definitely the way to go for remembering vocabulary. It has definitely helped me recall more than simply copying down the vocabulary words ever has. I think I might start doing for English words as well (I wanna build my vocabulary in my first language too).

It makes reviewing words that have kanji a lot easier – I usually can’t figure out how to write the kanji presented in the textbook until much later and I usually look in the kana row to find vocabulary words, not the kanji one. Both of these hinder my ability to read kanji quite a bit. Using the SRS method, on the other hand, as long as I put the kanji on the cards, my reading abilities will improve. I’ll be able to read more kanji (at least the compounds).

The Genki vocabulary deck list
Here you can see a ton of my vocabulary cards listed. I think there's over 900 right now (not in this picture)?

I’m planning on making two more decks soon: a Japanese onamonapia deck and a kanji deck that focuses specifically on the kanji in the back of the Genki textbooks. The former because I don’t really know that many onamonpia and the latter because that seems to be a sort of weak point when it comes to me remembering. I will have to take a few steps further though to learn kanji very well (i.e. writing them), but still. Remembering how to read them and what they mean is just half of it!

I’m excited about this! I’m looking forward to reviewing everything soon! So, how do you people review your vocabulary? Whether it be in Japanese, English, or another language!

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