Time! Why isn’t there more of you?!

Since my last post, my happiness has sort of leveled off into something more neutral with a bit of tension. There’s a good number of factors playing into this. While I didn’t exactly predict what exactly would tear down my mood, I knew it was going to happen one of these days. I’m just hoping my mood keeps a float and doesn’t sink into depression, since, for right now, it’s more on the neutral side.

So what exactly is making me feel tension? Two particular reasons, one which I will go into further detail about and another one which I won’t.

1.) Friends, both online and offline. To be honest, I think this is more of me getting annoyed at what people do in general than it is at one specific person.


2.) TIME.

So, I woke up on Monday morning and booted up my computer, like I always do. I was greeted by a little window with a ringing alarm clock in it that was pointing out to me that, hey, I got Japanese notes to retake so I can move onto lesson 7 next week! Fortunately, I had started these notes before the new year began, so all I had to do was retake notes for lessons 3 to 6. While I was talking to one of my Japanese language learning friends, I came to the conclusion that I would be able to be caught up with notes on Thursday if I didn’t get interrupted. Friday would be dedicated to heavy review and Saturday & Sunday would be for me to relax. Of course, things don’t quite go as planned. I ended up having to work on a logo for my mom’s business’s website, in collaboration with the person whose doing the actual layout (which, to be honest, looks like it was made in 1999 – if you know anything about me, then you know that isn’t a compliment) for a few minutes (seriously, Photoshopping something like that probably takes me three to five minutes to get done). After that was finished, I continued on my Japanese notes, finished those (as I documented with my lovely tweet) and went to bed.

I have to say, talking to my other Japanese language learner friend was a lot of fun (as it always is). We basically griped on people who use the language more in way because it “sounds cool”. We’ve gotten comments on our artwork before of people saying that it’s “kawaii” or “sugoi”. Which is annoying. Seriously. Unless you’re typing to us in Japanese for Japanese practice or because Japanese is your first language, we don’t want to see it. It might not be annoying to you now, but if you start learning the language, you’re going to want people to stop.

And no, wanting to learn the language isn’t an excuse to use it either.

What I really hate is when people use the word “desu” improperly. Not to mention, I hate seeing it in romaji because all I can hear in my head is “dehsoo” instead of “dehs” for the pronunciation. I feel like I need to blame one of the characters in Rozen Maiden for bringing light to this basic verb. Which a lot of people seem to not realize is a verb. As my friend pointed out, sometimes people use “desu” alone, as in “your artwork is so desu”.

Maybe we missed something because we’ve known what the word has meant for a while now. How in the world does that make any sense? I’ve heard “shiny desu”, “kawaii desu”, and such, which actually all make sense. However, using “desu” alone doesn’t. What do these people think “desu” means? I can’t even tell! “Desu” is a verb that loosely (?) translates to “to be”. Hence why something like “shiny desu” makes sense, but “your artwork is so desu” doesn’t.

Okay, done with that mini rant.

After all that was done, I went to bed.

I woke up on Tuesday and decided to get some chores done! Primarily go grocery shopping, but do things like laundry as well, in addition to doing my Japanese work. There was basically no food in the house I would really eat, except for ramen. I wanted to eat something arguably healthier and discovered the day before that one of my favourite organic food brands just happened to also be vegetarian! The discovery made me want to try tons of food by them. So, I made a grocery list of all the food I wanted and asked my mom if I could go and buy myself food, which she was fine with. She wanted me to go to BJs with Devin too, but that was retracted (which I didn’t know until I got out of the shower) since Devin had other work to do. Since I was already showered and wasted time already, I figured I would go out and grocery shop.

I first went to Whole Foods and went over my grocery list, skimming for all the food I wanted. Which was a lot. My grocery cart became rather full rather quickly. A large majority of what I bought was from the Amy’s Kitchen brand, but there were a few other ones there as well. Knowing that what I bought at Whole Foods wasn’t everything I wanted, I scurried on over to ShopRite and bought whatever else I needed. I hauled everything inside once I got home, place the bags on both the counter and the table, and found that I had to play the “let’s fit everything into the freezer” game.

Basically, with this game, you have to find ways to pack as much as possible into the freezer by rearranging it and making sure it looks all nice and neat.

Luckily, we have two freezers (the second one is suppose to be primarily for meat, since as vegetarians, Jenni and I don’t want to see it). I removed any meat that was in the freezer and put it aside, knowing I would be bringing it down into the basement shortly after I packed everything else into it. I carefully stacked the pizzas I bought on top of each other, placing the one my mom bought last time at the bottom, as the box was the largest, and placed the others on top of it in size order. I stuffed in my broccoli pot pie, my lasagnas, and more onto the same shelf until it couldn’t be packed anymore. Then I moved to a higher shelf, the one with the breakfast items on it, and put some of the bowl entrees and breakfast items (that I bought) onto that shelf. Once that was all packed, I shoved a few more things into the freezer door’s holders, and then went down into the basement with the left over items and the meat products. I decided to occupy one shelf (for the most part) and shoved the meat in another.

Once I was done with putting everything into the freezer, I put things into the refrigerator and inside the pantries, and left to go to BJs. There was a number of things I decided I would get there instead of the other two places I had been, since I could buy in bulk. I drove to BJs, picked up whatever I needed (like those delicious Alexia fries and cranberry juice), and left. Which sounds quicker than it was. I decided that I wanted to pick up some candy too (because I love to have it stocked up in my drawer for when I’m working on something and need a bit of a snack). I had to drive to two places though to get what I wanted! Then I went home and unpacked everything.

I felt so unproductive that day. I mean, I was suppose to be doing Japanese, my laundry, and cleaning up my room that day as well. All I got done at that point was grocery shopping! Deciding that I didn’t want to put off my Japanese any longer, I sat down all the vocabulary from lesson 4 and most of one kanji before I decided that I was too tired to do anymore and went to sleep.

Wednesday was, luckily, a pretty low key day. The Internet wasn’t working that morning, so I decided to take it as my own personal sign (read as: take the opportunity) to work on Japanese instead. I didn’t stay off my computer, but rather, I stayed off the Internet. I popped in Yankee-kun and Megane-chan and let that play in the background as I worked on my Japanese notes, pretty much stopping for only eating and bathroom breaks. Even when I was eating, I watched Yankee-kun and Megane-chan. Partially because I love the show to death, but also because it was more hours of immersion. The only time I didn’t do that was when I watched BBC’s Sherlock. I did stop at around 2:30 thought to take a shower, since I had to go out and bring Ayden (my 8 year old stepcousin) and the mail to the office at around 3:40. Mike’s (Jenni’s boyfriend’s) aunt stopped over because apparently Mike was missing. I felt kind of bad because I didn’t make the connection until well into her asking questions. I was out of it, but can you blame me? I was pretty much immersed in Japanese for 4 or 5 hours and sort of tired, on top of being out of it like usual. I’m just hoping I didn’t leave the wrong impression. Ayden came shortly after she left and I brought him to the office. I finished whatever I needed to in my notes (which I think were grammar points) and that was it. I was going to do lesson 5, but I was too tired for that.

Wednesday morning was basically the start of me eating my mostly organic foods. For breakfast, I decided to have Amy’s Tofu Scramble. I baked it in the oven since I wanted the best taste for it. While I waited, I nibbled on the strawberry toaster pops and the apple toaster pops – personally, I thought the strawberry ones tasted better, despite the slightly more tangier taste. Once the Tofu Scramble was done baking, I heated up my most favourite guilty pleasure food ever, Morning Star Farms Veggie Sausage Links, cut them up, dumped the tofu scramble onto the plate, cut the veggie sausages, mixed everything up, and ate it. I was actually really surprised at how much I loved the Tofu Scramble! I actually think I liked it better than eggs and it didn’t leave me feeling a bit guilty! Maybe not feeling guilty had something to do why it tasted great. And all the seasoning and what not as well.

Then we hit today.

So far, I ate breakfast, warned all my friends that I wouldn’t be on IM today either, and wrote this entry. It’s now 10:26 AM at the time that I’m writing this. I’ve pretty much wasted about two hours, but oh well. Going to go sort my laundry after this and jump into doing Japanese. You’ll know another day just how this day goes.

Speaking of Japanese, it sort of has to do with why my mood is dampened. Perhaps it’s because I crammed retaking my notes into one week, but I don’t feel like I have a whole lot of time. I’m not stressing out, per se, but I’m definitely feeling very annoyed. Japanese is part of my top priority for 2012 goals (wow, 2012, I forgot it was that now). No, in fact, it is my top priority. I am learning Japanese so I can go take the JLPT, pass it, and get the certificate (well, that’s not the only reason, but it’s the reason why I’m making it a priority). I feel that it’s just another key to my future and I would like to obtain it.

However, there are other things I want to get done and need to get done.

What I need to get done is cleaning my room. I need to go set up my bookshelf down in the basement. I need to do my laundry. You know, chore things that have to get done regardless?

What I want to get done are all those comics and single images I have planned. I WANT TO GET MY WEBSITE FULLY UP AND RUNNING, DANG IT. Oh man, my website especially. I’m so sick of leaving it half finished. If I finish Genki I early, I am giving myself a two week break (well, semi-break – I’ll probably be doing things in Japanese for practice) and working on my website. I’m pretty confident I can have it fully up and running the way I want to in two weeks. First though, I want to clear those 70+ images I still have left over mostly from last year. Ugh. I could probably drop about 50 of those if I really felt like it, however, I’m sick of leaving a large majority of my images unfinished, so I want to finish them for once.

Of course, I’m not going to do that with the lack of time I currently have.

Imagine if I had a steady income job and school into the mix.

Oh boy. I would definitely be saying good-bye to most hours of sleep and any sort of relaxation time.

Why don’t I get paid for doing this? (Don’t answer that.)

By the way, if no one noticed, I do have Google Ad Sense. If you click the links, maybe you could make this my job! It’s up to you though.

Anyway, I hope your day is great and I hope mine is less annoying than it has been. Sort of contemplating if I should just go to sleep now and try to wake up refreshed and work on stuff or if I should just wait. Oh well. Probably will stay up.


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