The 2012 Study Plan

Ah, yes. 2012 will soon be upon us.

I’m planning to spend the year reading and writing, both English and Japanese. For English, I’m simply going to be expanding my vocabulary (because, yes, despite being a native [American-]English speaker, there is still a need for me to expand my vocabulary) and improve on my [creative] writing skills. Japanese is probably going to be more “technical” or “school-like” in comparison. 2011 somehow became heavily artwork focused, so I’m shifting my focus to reading and writing instead for the new year.

Based off my previous experiences, my taste, and a couple other things, I have come up with a plan for 2012. I’m sure it’ll have to be adjusted over time, but hey, it’s something to start with and keep me on track!

So what’s my plan?

Method –
– Lesson Introduction, Lesson Vocabulary (copy into notebook), Anki review, kanji (copy into notebook), Anki review (vocab & kanji), grammar, review (all), practicing (textbook and out of textbook)
– All reviews will be done frequently with long period breaks in between each “round”
– All reviews will be reviewed until one feels like everything is well pounded into one’s head
– I’m giving each lesson two weeks. Honestly, two weeks should be more than enough to get the vocabulary and grammar pounded into my head with this technique.
– Upon completing the Genki series, my focus will turn to learning kanji.
– I will be using, flashcards, Remembering the Kanji, and Basic Kanji workbooks to pound kanji into my head.
– Kanji learning will follow a similar method as above, just modified to fit the kanji learning.
– RADICALS FIRST, common kanji later. Unless the common kanji are radicals too, of course.

– I will be giving myself little “rewards” per completing lessons and whatnot. These rewards are the following:
– Completion of Genki I – OoT 3D
– Completion of Genki series – Beelzebub volume 1 (possibly more if I obtain more)
– Completion of Basic Kanji 1 –
– Completion of Basic Kanji 2 –
– Completion of Intermediate Kanji 1 –
– Completion of Intermediate Kanji 2 –
– I need to boost up my immersion level. More Japanese TV shows and music.

Dunno if it’ll work, but I want to try. I REALLY hope it does though. I don’t know what will come after the kanji study – I may continue to a new textbook or I may find other ways to expand my vocabulary and my grammar knowledge.
Only time will tell, I suppose.
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