Repetition is Good and All, but I Hate the Redundancy.

So, I finally started my review of the Japanese I’ve already learned and making my new notes. I’m taking a break now to let things sink in and eat lunch. Then I’ll go change my laundry and go right back into my last bit of Japanese studying for the day – reviewing two chapters of kanji in Kanji Look & Learn. I have become forgetful about some of the multiple kanji readings (or all the kanji readings; sometimes I’ll only remember the meaning of the kanji) as well as how to write them. To refresh, I’ll spend the next two or three days just reviewing two chapters of kanji within my textbook of ones I’ve already learned and the kanji in Kanji Look & Learn. At least, that’s my plan. Knowing me, after a few days, I’ll abandon it and be right where I started. I hope not though.

Anyway, when I was taking notes from my textbook a couple months back, I felt myself start to drag and slow down, unlike I did when I originally took notes. I know the reason why too – almost everything I copied down, I already knew to the point where my head would have to be hit so hard I lost my memory in order for it to go. I continued to copy it down though just so I had for reference in case I did somehow forget or if I had to prove someone wrong with their own statement. I did hit the later part of the grammar section though and was like “screw it, I’m only writing down things I’m iffy on”. I’ve copied that section probably four times by now, if not more. I’m sick of it.

Then, today, I was ready to review my kanji, primarily the writing portion (which I did earlier – the kanji review I’m doing is just to reinforce it), I skipped over the numbers. Why? Because I know them all by heart. I would have spent at least a good 10 minutes fighting with myself at why I was reviewing something I already know so well, but I didn’t. I went to the next chapter section and started to write down the kanji I knew I was definitely having trouble remembering. I wrote them in this awesome Pokémon notebook thing that is specially designed for practicing kanji in. I would write one row of the same kanji, then I would start alternating between that kanji and other kanji for another row. I also said the readings of the kanji out loud – I hope they stick in my head that way. Once I finished, I backed away from it, briefly read a bit of my Kanji: Look & Learn book, and then made lunch.

But yeah.

I hate to review things I know to the point where I can look at them and know what it is in an instant. I mean, if I’m reviewing them while reviewing them with something else I don’t know that well or “reviewing” it by using it properly, then that’s different. If I’m reviewing them by themselves, I don’t see much of a point if I already know them.

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