The long overdue “Kelly went to Florida” post.

So, in August, I went down to Florida to stay with my grandparents. Obviously, my memory sucks and it’s been over a month since then, so I can’t really remember much. There wasn’t much going on there either. The trip mainly was me working on commissions and hanging out with my cousins.

Actually, to be honest, I don’t really have any desire to write this post, which is why I didn’t write it before.

The plane ride to Florida was good, though the second plane had turbulence or whatever which woke me right up. My grandfather and my three cousins picked me up from the airport, which first started wearing me out.

My grandmother and I went shopping for food, which she praised me for eating healthy compared to my younger sister. Which I actually have to agree with. I’m not the most healthy eater in the world, but if you put my eating habits next to my younger sister’s, I’m definitely the healthier one. I was SUPER happy that they had my favourite pizza there.

When I had a chance to hang out with my cousins, it quickly became apparent that it would have been a better idea to go down with my younger sister and her boyfriend. I REALLY just wanted to hang out with Jesse, but since there’s three cousins in total, I had to hang out with all three. The other two irritated me because they were so hyper.

I started doing my commission work a few days into being in Florida, as well as cancelled my trip back home until my dad told me my stuff had to be out of his house sooner than expected.

My aunt and grandmother acknowledged that I’m not lazy, but rather I’m busy, which made me happy. Unfortunately, most people don’t see what I do that way. Just because I’m not making money off of it in most cases doesn’t mean I’m being lazy, people. I’ve pretty much stopped saying I’m lazy because I’m not lazy. I just have a billion things to do and I’m still fixing up my own schedule to make it work to minimize my depression and stress. So far, it’s doing me pretty well.

I battled Jesse in Pokémon and lost, like I knew I would. He was super proud over it. He wanted me to battle is friend too, who he told that I was a Pokémon Master (which I’m actually quite far from). Didn’t really have a chance to and didn’t really want to, especially since all my Pokémon parties are embarrassingly lame right now. ONE day though I’ll be able to battle and kick their butts and I shall feel proud. I still don’t understand how in the world my 20-levels-under-level-100-Pokémon beat level 100s, but my level 100s fail horribly. It made me want to build up new Pokémon parties, which I ended up shoving aside because I have so many more important things to do. One day when I have a chance to relax, I’ll do that.

Pikachu & Kelly
The images Jesse drew me

Jesse watched me do my artwork and picked up on stuff VERY quickly, which was awesome. For instance, I was working on the image and he noticed the layers panel and figured out what it did just by looking at it. There’s people older than him who don’t even know what the heck the layers panel is and they do digital artwork. I must have inspired Jesse to do some artwork, because he drew me  two pictures – one of Pikachu and one of my Pokémon fan character, Kelly. I have to give him HUGE credit for drawing Kelly with long hair, which, to me, is one of her notable traits that so many people seem to avoid doing. Long hair isn’t that hard to do, people. He drew it too long, but still! I would rather have people draw her hair too long than too short. He also did this HILARIOUS image edit on MS Paint on my grandmother’s computer with himself VS Kelly. I wish he could send me the actual file. I do have picture I took with my phone of it though, which you obviously see in this post.

Jesse VS Kelly
The MS Paint edit Jesse did using a picture of himself with an image of Kelly I did that he found on Google. Because yes, you can find my artwork on Google.

When I was over their house too, the day Jesse and I battled I believe, Jesse let me hear him play the theme to Luigi’s Mansion on piano, which was excellent. Jesse’s so talented in music. I think he’s lucky he got into it so early. I wish I had.

I also did a contest entry too in two days while I was in Florida (which won first place too, might I add). A lot of my family members were amazed at it. My grandfather gave me a “meh” reaction that I knew he was going to give me. That didn’t stop me from feeling crappy over it, which helped send me into a depression state. My artwork looks like a two year old did it compared to his.

I returned home near the end of the month and went directly to my mom’s, which I ended up crying. It sucks to return to a home that doesn’t feel like a home. I’ve pretty much vowed if I go back down, I’m so going back down with Jenni and Scott. I just really wanna hang out with Jesse.

So yeah. That was my time down in Florida.


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