The Queuing Images Game Has Begun!

Yes, it has begun. I have done the very first image for my “queuing” plan. You see, I want my deviantART to be as active as possible and I want to fill it with tons of artwork I like that I’ve done to even out the artworks I’ve done for other people and the other ones I don’t like. I’m doing this by finishing images and letting them pile up, naming them all numbers so I can figure out a way to randomly select one to upload when I decide to start uploading.

The first image I have done for this is the “Kelly Wearing Ash’s Hat” picture, which came out pretty well. I’m not putting it up on deviantART, but I am definitely putting it up on here. I hate not posting my artwork right away, but in order for me to do what I’m planning to do, I need a pretty large pile.

So I guess you can say, all the artwork will be exclusive to here until a later date.

Kelly wearing Ash's hat
Kelly wearing Ash's hat.

So anyway, with this drawing of Kelly, I did something I didn’t do before – I made the canvas bigger than I usually do and then shrunk it after the lineart. I must say, I definitely am liking the lineart and how it looks, for the most part when I do that. The eyes need a little work, but I think I’ll get it. I hate that Corel takes a while to save too when I have such a large canvas, but it’s worth it in the end. The lineart looks pretty smooth from the size, which is nice.

Colouring this was kind of a relief in a way – I used Adobe Illustrator to do all the colouring, which I haven’t done for a while now. When I’m doing “Cleanser 2”, I use Photoshop for the base, while I use Illustrator for the shadows. Using Illustrator for all the colour was so very nice. Once I finished it, I opened it up in Photoshop to shrink down the canvas a tiny bit more, fix noticeable parts that were free of colour, and finished it.

Kelly Wearing Ash's Hat - Comparison
Kelly Wearing Ash's Hat - Comparison

Then I did a lovely comparison picture between the two. I like seeing the improvements and how much my style has changed. Everything looks a lot cleanser or more crisp on the new one. And I’m pretty sure the proportions are better as well. It kind of makes me giddy to see the difference between the two images. I did question if the one I originally drew before Kelly’s personality was overhauled, but no – it’s actually in the same year I did the current version of Kelly’s Journey.

I definitely like the new version over the original. The original was cute, but the newer one looks much better. I wonder how much better it would look in 4 years?

Original Wallpaper
The original wallpaper that inspired the new ones.

So, after I did that and the sofilpaketch images, I decided to make a whole lot of wallpapers. You see, with the original image, I made this nice, pretty plain wallpaper out of it that contained Kelly (obviously) and the Kelly’s Journey logo, since I adored the picture so much then. I decided to do more or less the same thing for the new image as well. I started with the blue one, because, well, a lot of people like blue, in the size of my computer’s screen, then I went onto making a green one, then a red one (for a reference to the original Pokémon games, oh ho ho ho ho…>.>). I eventually made smaller versions too, which other people can use if they want to. After I finished with those, I decided to make a slightly more pop-arty version.

Feel free to use the wallpapers if you want. They ARE there to be used for a computer background, after all.

Fits My Computer:

Size 1024:

Size 1600:

Pop Arty Version (Sized for My Computer):

Hope you enjoy(ed) these~

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