Chibi Caterpie Muffin Fighters (a.k.a. I went over a friend’s house today who likes those things)

For the third day this week, I was social! Which is surprising for me because I usually don’t socialize. It just so happened that clusters of friends wanted to hang out with me this week, so I let them. I am going away next week, after all. Today’s friends were Annie and Tom. We didn’t really know what time to meet. It was about 11:50 AM when Annie had texted me a simple “hihi” and we began talking about what we were going to do.

I sat around on my computer, finishing watching The Platoon of Power Squadron episode 5, browsed Tumblr, and worked on a lineart for a commission. It was about 1:30 when I decided to leave for Annie’s house. I quickly got dressed, did my hair, and left, surprised to find that she lived somewhere closer than I thought she did. I confusingly pulled into the area and eventually pulled in and parked, seeing a sign in the window of the condo that said Annie’s name on it. I texted her I was there, waved to her in the window, and just kind of waited until she came down and opened the door for me. I asked her if it was okay that I parked in the no-number spot, which said it was. Apparently her dad always nags her when her friends park in the numbered spots. I said it was pretty obvious not to park in those spots since they’re numbered for a reason.

We went upstairs and hung out for a bit. Since we knew Tom wasn’t going to be coming over until after 4:45, we decided to do a few errands she wanted to do. We dropped off a letter at the post office, went to Affordable Fabrics (she needed to get some rings for the bag she was making), then we decided to go to Wild Bills, which I’ve never been before. I plugged it into my GPS and we went there. I was VERY surprised to find out I had passed that place a billion times. I never knew what it was until today – it’s a nostalgia shop that sells old items. Annie went in and looked for patches and pins, while I explored it a bit. It was definitely fun looking at the older items. I was particularly drawn to the Barbie section (…yes, I know. Barbie.). I was looking at the boxes, half laughing at the items. There were two items I remembered from my childhood – I didn’t feel nostalgic at all about them, but it did remind me that they existed. One was some workout Christie doll (one of Barbie’s friends) which reminded me that I used to have a Barbie version of her and this mystery spy Barbie that I forgot existed. I hung out in that section for a bit before looking around at other things. There was some REALLY awesome wire steampunkish looking (…I’m not an expert in steampunk, so I might be wrong to be calling it that) statues in the back which were awesome to look at. Annie and I looked at them and were amazed by them.

After we finished up there, we went back to her house, sat down, and talked for a bit. I can’t really remember what we discussed, but I do remember I was taking my Japanese notes. Eventually we went onto her computer and went to YouTube. We had gotten into a conversation about YouTubers, thanks to the both of us watching Tobuscus. I mentioned my other two favourite YouTubers were WheezyWaiter and TheWineKone, which she never heard of. We watched two WheezyWaiter videos, then watched my favourite episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, both which she enjoyed! After that, we walked down to McDonalds and met up with Tom.

We primarily talked about random things and the Japanese language, but we also talked about parapara and techpara. I started doing the beginning of “Sound of My Heart” and was like “oh, this is from an actual dance, haha”, which Annie then did “Caramelldansen”. I brought up the video of “Sound of My Heart” to show her. Tom, Annie, and I watched a couple of parapara videos (we were talking about the ConnectiCon raves and the different levels of difficulty of parapara and stuff – Annie was like “you should learn that!” to Tom when I played the video for “She’s So Sexy”). Eventually we went back to Annie’s house, where I danced a few dances (which Tom tried to awkwardly copy), Annie started sewing, and eventually we got into a conversation about drawing. I was reminded that Tom wanted to see how I drew my pictures so I did one in the notebook I had with me (…as much as I didn’t want to draw in a notebook). After a while, Tom started watching a few YouTube videos. I directed them to the channel for Bad Lip Readings and showed them a few videos before they watched a few other videos they felt like watching. Then we watched two Angry Video Game Nerd episodes before Tom left. I hung out with Annie for a while long, watching more of the Angry Video Game Nerd until her laptop randomly died on us.

Once her laptop was back up, we talked about art and writing for a while until I left. She said she was surprised she didn’t get bored at all when people were over, which made me happy. I’m not usually bored, so maybe that had some weird affect on the day?

Anyway, it was definitely a lot of fun! I hope to do it again sometime in the future~



Social this week.


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