Me? Being Social? For a Second Time This Week?! WHAT IS THIS?

So, yesterday, I got a call from my good friend, Ryan. He was wondering what I had called him back about the day before, which I told him was that there was some hilarious Mii I had caught on StreetPass I think he would appreciate and he would have to come over soon. He then brought up that he didn’t have work for the next day (which would be today) and asked me what I was going to be doing. Obviously nothing, other than commissions. So we were going to hang out today. Which is always fun. We were pretty determined to finished Torchwood season 2 and Doctor Who series 4.

This morning, I woke up at probably about 7:45, much to my dismay. I got up and kind of procrastinated a bit on the computer before walking out to talk to my dad and his girlfriend. We actually got into a conversation about how bad a supposedly professionally written script was. That was fun, especially since we all agreed with each other that it was horribly written. Seriously, I could have written a better one and for five bucks. Anyway, after they left, I took a shower, got dressed, and went out to the store to pick up some chips, dip, and pizza.

Triple Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies
The oatmeal cookies I baked. Which we ate all of.

After I returned home, I decided to finally make those triple chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I’ve been meaning to kill time. After I baked them, I returned to my room to do a bit of work on my commissions, but I ended up finding myself distracted by Tumblr (primarily because I don’t really feel like doing these commissions this time around, blah). Eventually Ryan called me, told me he was here, and I opened the door.

Once he was here, I showed him that Mii avatar I thought he would appreciate (which was a guy that looked like Link, the main hero from the Legend of Zelda series, but with a beard and glasses). We briefly wondered how the guy was able to get an outfit like that (and how another Mii avatar I passed by had a Mario hat). We talked about video games a bit before we decided to finish up Torchwood season 2. At first we were going to watch it in my room, but since there wasn’t a second chair, we moved out to the living room and watched it on my laptop.

We watched the last three episodes of Torchwood season 2 that had me crying quite a bit (and laughing), despite I’ve seen them before. I probably laughed more at Ryan’s reaction though during one episode. I think it was the episode entitled “Adrift”. There’s a scene in it where Jack and Ianto are in the Torchwood office and are basically implying that things are getting hot when Gwen walks in to speak to Jack. She exits the room afterward and Jack and Ianto put back on their clothes. Ryan’s reaction to that scene was hilarious – he kind of slammed his back into the couch covered his face and kind of laughed. After we were done, he was like “you could have warned me” (while half laughing) and I was like “I couldn’t remember which episode it was in” (because, really, I couldn’t). After we finished that season, we switched over to Doctor Who!

Rewatching the last episodes were REALLY exciting! Definitely made me cry again, though I didn’t feel heartbroken like I did the first time I watched the episodes. There’s not really much about it I could say, except for this one particular part when Rose is all like “tell the Doctor these two words” and she whispers them into Donna’s ear, which we don’t hear. Ryan was like “I know what she said” and I asked “what” half laughing. He then, partially jokingly replied, “she said ‘Applesauce Flashlight'” (which is an inside joke we have that spurred when we watched the first series of Doctor Who (the 2005 relaunch)). I laughed a bit and we continued onto the next episode, where we found out Rose had said “Bad Wolf”. We both bursted out laughing! Honestly, I completely forgot she had said that and the fact that “Applesauce Flashlight” is our “Bad Wolf” (which is some code word kind of thing in Doctor Who, for those who don’t watch it) just made it hilarious. Because Ryan was right in someway.

After we finished it, we decided not to watch the first of the specials. We talked a bit about some really weird idea I have and read him some stupid Doctor Who/Pokémon crossover fanfiction I had begun writing (and would actually like if someone could tell me if I got the Doctor’s characterization right…). We talked a bit more about random stuff and then he left.

Today was very nice. It’s always fun hanging out with Ryan. I know I’ll laugh a lot. Plus, anytime I have a chance to be nerdy, geeky, and use a bunch of inside jokes is always a great time.

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