[Camp NaNoWriMo – ERutBS] From 0 to 19,000+ in 4 days!

It’s amazing what determination and music can do to oneself. I started writing so late in the month, I had two goals to catch up to – I had the recommended site goal for Camp NaNoWriMo and my personal goal. Camp NaNoWriMo, for this month, recomends writing 1,612 words per day (assuming that you started on Day 1). I have a personal goal of writing about 2,000 words per day, just like I had done in November 2010 for NaNoWriMo 2010. It was a goal that I knew I could reach, especially starting at the beginning of the month (and I successfully got to the 50,000 word mark NaNoWriMo set up with 5 days left in the month). I had to finish scripting and storyboarding for a commission I have as well as plan out the story (which took me a good three days). By the time I started, it was Day 6 of July’s Camp NaNoWriMo. Going by the site’s goal, I needed up to 9,677 words and my personal goal required 12,000 words or more. Knowing I would overload myself with this, I told myself to write up to 2,000. Between the two times I wrote that day, I managed to get up to 4,328 words for that first day, 9,343 the second day, and managed to catch up to the site’s goal with 13,183 words (the site recommended 12,905, so I was a bit over). I knew I couldn’t take a break then – I finally caught up to the site’s goal, but I wanted to finish earlier than the day the site told me I would. I wanted to aim for finishing at least on the 25th, if not earlier. I still had my personal goal to catch up on! I was too tired to do it the night before, so I went to sleep and woke up this morning at midnight, knowing I would have to get up to 18,000 today.

I woke up, made my playlist so I could write to music I wanted to listen to for the story, watched the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day and started writing. I surpassed the site’s recommended 14,516 words quickly. Over the past several hours I’ve been working somewhat non-stop, minus when I stopped for lunch and to ramble about writing to my friend whose thinking of writing his own story, giving him some helpful tips. I ended up reaching a bit over 17,000. I KNEW I was so close to getting to my goal word count. So when my friend left for about ten minutes, I cranked my playlist and let my fingers batter against the keyboard. I wrote and wrote, feeling myself going well over the word count. I finally slowed down with distraction from my friends’ conversations. I dropped my story into the word validator on the Camp NaNoWriMo site when I decided to stop – 19,227 words.

NINTEEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN WORDS. I got OVER my goal! IN FOUR DAYS. I caught up in four days. This is new to me. Really new to me. If this had been two or three years ago, I would have never dreamed I would be plowing through a novel like this. I would be more likely to sit at my computer screen and stare at the story, get down a few thousand words in and give up out of boredom and disinterest. But not now.

Now, I plan out as much as I can before hand and write until my brain feels squeezed of everything.

I wanted to catch up so I could only write about 2,000 words per day and actually focus on my commissions.

Writing-wise, I’m so happy everything has flowed smoothly. Making my music playlist for the story was an excellent idea. If I hadn’t made it, I would have been procrastinating and pulling myself away from writing the story. It helped set the mood for certain scenes, like Princess Kerryn escaping from the castle. And in all honesty, I would have never expected “Princess Fairy” by Gold Tiara to work so well for that scene. Which is really weird, but it helped me write it. I also finally got her out of the castle walls, so the real adventure begins! Oh man, I’m looking forward to writing more tomorrow!

I feel pretty accomplished though, shooting up in word count like that in such a short amount of time. I know there’s people who have done more than that, but for me, personally, that’s a large amount of words I would have never dreamed of.

I should go to bed soon though. I’ve been up since midnight. Bye~

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