Love Me Softly ~Chris’s Version~ – Update 5 – Final Stretch?!


But yeah. TwT I’m very excited about that! I wish I didn’t have work so often so I could concentrate on finish this instead. I’m really nervous I won’t be able to finish it by the 30th, but I’m going to try anyway. I have 6 more days. I need to try. Ugh, it kind of sucks that my mind functions better at night because that’s pretty much when I want to work on it. But then I end up sleeping only a few hours before work, which isn’t a good thing.

But yeah. Um…LMS is past what I call the “happy ending”. This means I feel like LMS could easily end there and be fine, however, there’s a few more things I want to do before the story finishes. Mainly to show what kind of reactions people have to the most popular boy in school and the class president being a couple. I haven’t quite gotten there yet – Chris and Alex are too busy telling select people about themselves being a couple.

Um, yeah. I made a tweet when I reached that part to mark the word count and the page count. 257 pages. Yeeesh. I’m getting curious about my NaNoWriMo novel for November at this point, since I wonder if it’s gonna be just as long, if not longer, or possibly shorter. Uh, yeah.

Actually, I honestly wanted to make this post because I wanted to ramble a bit about this post-LMS story idea I have. You don’t need to read this because it contains spoilers~ But meh. Reading these posts are generally spoiler filled anyway.


In a short story that takes place in the next school year, Chris goes with Alex and his family to Italy for a fashion show that Beth (Alex’s older sister) has a collection in and Alex is going to model. When they get there, Alex ends up wanting to back down when he finds out it’s a history-making fashion show that is very important and that he is too young and inexperienced to walk the runway for such an important event. Chris tries to stop him from being nervous, but ends up forced into modeling in the show himself. Yeah.

That’s basically the summary of it. But that’s not the part I wanted to ramble about.

There’s this one part in there when they’re in Italy or planning on going where Alex and Chris want to share a room together, but Alex’s parents are feeling a bit iffy on it. The two parents express their worries about them having sex because they’re both 18 and have been together for a long time. The two claim that they wouldn’t (though, in they’re minds, they were thinking “lololol we’re gonna have sex”, but not exactly like that). Beth ends up snickering when she hears it. When the parents walk away, she teasingly says “boys, don’t have sex when you’re sharing a room” because she’s aware that Alex and Chris have been sleeping together for longer than they have been together. Alex tells her to shut up, that the only reason why she even knows that they had sex was because she forced his clothes off of him to change him into one of her designs and saw his hickeys. But yeah. 8DD So funny to me. I hope it’ll be funny when I write it out.

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