12 May 2011 – Time Needs to Go Faster

It’s 1:51 AM and I should actually really be in bed right now, but obviously I am not. Instead, I’m uploading my website, typing this blog entry, and listening to Kimberly Cole’s Bad Girls Club album over and over. I quite enjoy this album, though I’ll admit I want to listen to something else. But I don’t know what.

I should go to bed soon since I have to wake up earlier than I need to because my dad is borrowing my car…well, later today. It’s after midnight, so it’s Friday. I seem to be writing these the next day about the day before. I guess it’ll be like that for a while until I tell myself to stop what I’m doing and write the entry at 9 PM. It seems that I average 2 hours when typing these.

Anyway, yesterday, I didn’t really feel like waking up. I went to bed after I wrote my blog entry and really, when my alarm went off, I didn’t want to wake up. Plus the fact I was doing self scan at work made me not want to wake up even more. I didn’t want to wake up so much, I said “screw it” to my hair. I was gonna go in with it messy, despite I prefer it styled. I felt sleep was more important. So I let the alarm go off a few times until time seemed to slow down. You see, when I go to sleep, the next time the alarm goes off seems like only a few seconds went by, while if I’m awake, it feels like 10 minutes before it goes off again. After I woke up, I hopped into the shower and left for work.

I mostly stood around watching self scan (since well, that’s what I have to do), wishing I was doing file instead. Well, kind of. At least self scan doesn’t require me to use my right hand for the most part. I was able to let it hang down for the most part and used my left hand instead. I daydreamed as I usually do during work (since it makes the day go by quicker) and talked to someone about the awesomeness of Doctor Who during my break, which for some odd reason triggered my mind into story brainstorming mode. So did bagging for a customer. Yeah. Weird things give me ideas, even when they’re entirely unrelated. Stayed off of MSN today for the most part, since I was in the front end. If I didn’t need money, I would ask them to not put me in the front end.

Then I went home, made myself lunch, and did a few things before I decided to go to bed. Mainly, I googled “Share This” and remembered that the site that allows people to share my blog entries on other sites with a link is “AddThis”. I don’t know why I had so much dang trouble remembering it, but I did. I added its plug in for WordPress-run blogs on all my blogs, so I can share them with ease. You can too! If you really feel like it. It’s probably stupid to link to something on this blog for people to read, unless I for some odd reason have an amusing blog entry. It’s probably better for my Reviews blog. I also replied back to some deviantART messages before going to sleep for about four hours.

I woke up and asked my father if he could help me cook Annie’s Organic Cheesy Lasagna. I probably wouldn’t have asked, except I had to use a skillet to cook the veggie crumbles. He basically made it for me. We both had some. It actually wasn’t too bad. I would love to try it again, though this time I definitely need two bags of the veggie crumbles. The sauce mix was too watery. Not sure if that’s because of how my dad did the sauce mix. He half followed the directions. But I don’t know. It was still good and a nice change from straight on pasta. The veggie crumbles were delicious too. I want to have a taco with it one time! Maybe my next grocery trip in a month or two.

After I ate, I got to work on my website. I had wanted to get the “Site” portion of my website up yesterday, but I was too tired and too lazy to actually work on the image I drew for it. After I completed the main part of the layout that I started yesterday, I completed the image for the site layout and place it on it. I “sliced” it inside of Photoshop and opened it up in Dreamweaver and put the website together.

And for once, piecing the layout together went smoothly. There was one minor error (I accidentally linked the unlit text for “Links” for the rollover image, when it should have been the lit one), which was quite easy to fix. Putting together the site was pretty easy, especially since most of the content was pulled from the original TrainerKelly’s Network site/layout I had done back when my site was on my mother’s site. I had to adjust the history a bit, but that’s the only thing I really had to do. Everything else was easily put together.

While I was working on it, my Japanese tutor IMed me to apologize about missing today’s lesson, which I forgot about as well. We agreed to try on Saturdays instead.

And that’s really it…

…well, I guess I can comment about the pictures on my website’s layout. I’m actually pretty annoyed with the fact my style seems to change with each picture. I can’t tell if it means that I’m improving or deproving or if it’s just me being indecisive about how I want to go about drawing myself. I must say I like how I drew myself on the new layout, other than the body portion (I think I could have drawn my a little wider, actually – my “anime” form isn’t suppose to represent how I really look, but a reflection of how I feel like instead, which is actually rather skinny and male, for the most part. =P I feel like I’m wearing a fat suit or something). I have a bit of an issue with how I coloured it too, other than the hair. The hair looks fantastic.


Done.  Blog entry tomorrow (…erm, later today)~~~ Let’s see what I do…★

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