May 10th & May 11th – Because I’m both lazy and busy

It is 11:47 PM on May 11th, 2011. It’s gonna be May 12th in a few minutes, but meh. In fact, by the time I post this, it will be after midnight. I’m going to be writing though as if it was still May 11th (which, in fact, is for right now). But before I do that, I’m writing about yesterday, May 10th. I was going to write yesterday, but I was too lazy and considerably too busy to. Well, not quite.

I had the day off of work yesterday, so obviously I was at home. I hate going out when I don’t need to, so I didn’t go out yesterday. Instead, I stayed inside like I love to do and well…draw for quite a while. I had to draw those pictures for my friend, Josh, so that he could get on with our art trade. So that morning after I woke up at like…what? 10 AM, I started drawing and got onto it. I frankly didn’t like how I drew the pictures, but I felt they did what they needed to do – display Kelly’s and Melissa’s bathing suits. Which are actually really simple bikinis. After I scanned the pictures, I just let them sit for a few hours and ended up writing a blog entry instead.

The one some of you might have read.

The one right before this one. Yeah, that one. You know that little ramble where I wasn’t entirely clear on what I was talking about in the beginning? Well, I was referencing the colour of the pictures I drew. I realized I didn’t actually have to be serious when colouring them (meaning doing nice line art and a decent background).

While I was typing that blog entry for…what? Two and a half hours? My wrist REALLY started to hurt. But not my entire wrist. Just a very small part of it. I don’t really know why either. I wonder if I hurt it and don’t remember? (And on a completely off note, I really want orange sherbet ice cream right now…I have garlic breath from the garlic bread I ate earlier…anyway, back to yesterday.)

After I was done, I opened up the images and splashed colour on them. Luckily, the two characters have a consistent colour scheme, so it’s VERY easy to pull it from previous pictures I’ve done of them.

Melissa's bikini
Melissa in her bikini. Which she more or less usually wears.

Kelly in her bathing suit.
Kelly in her bathing suit. Quite befitting to her character!













I then posted them up on deviantART in my scraps (since they’re not really “serious” enough to be in my main gallery). I loved the response I got to them, particularly with Melissa’s. Notably the-dragon-childe’s comment about Melissa being a nice contrast to Kelly (Melissa looks comfortable, Kelly looks embarrassed) and xxNINTENDORKxx feeding me a Martinishipping/MixedMartinishipping comment. Seriously. Every time she does that I can’t help but smile.

Most of you people reading this probably don’t know what shippings are. Maybe. Basically a shipping is a name for a pairing. I think the “shipping” part comes from “relationship”. Generally shippings are for romantic involvement, but occasionally they are for friendships and family relationships as well. Usually shipping names contain a word associated with the shipping. They’re widely used in the internet Pokémon fandom, as well as others. For instance, Ash and Misty are called Pokéshipping because they are from the original series, while Ash and May are called Advanceshipping because they’re from the Advanced Generation series, and Ash & Dawn are Pearlshipping because they are from the Diamond & Pearl series of Pokémon. Just examples. I’m pretty sure you people are bored reading my nerdy, unclear explanation. And if you aren’t (or are, but are still curious) and are wondering what Martinishipping and MixedMartinishipping and why they are called that…well, you’re just gonna have to wait. I know why they’re called that, but I’m not telling you here. They’ll show up on my website somewhere.

Sometime between me colouring these images and giving Josh the links to them (as well as the sketches), I did something that might be surprising to most people, including myself.

I decided that since I was actually home for lunch time, I would have that salad I’ve been meaning to try. I bought croutons, organic salad dressing, some bagged salad, and the Quorn Tenders (made out of fungi) to try (oh, and some grape tomatoes) the other day. I decided that since I was home, that I would do that. I was also going to have the Quorn Chik’n Nuggets, but decided to have Mac & Cheese instead. So I made the salad and half liked and half didn’t like it…definitely going to have to make it MUCH smaller next time. I didn’t even eat half of it. Also, the tenders didn’t cook well, but hey, I used the microwave. Next time I’ll do it the other way listed on the package that involves using the stove. I think. After trying to chomp through it for a while, I decided to say “screw it” and threw it away, finishing up my organic Mac & Cheese and eating the remaining Sour Cream & Onion chips I had from the day before. ’cause well…it tasted better. The salad was making me feel sick, but that’s most likely because I’m not used to eating healthy like that. DEFINITELY going to try it again! I actually made a tweet about my abnormal behaviour from the past two days. “Abnormal” being that I don’t usually clean up my room until the last second and that I don’t eat salad.

After my dad came home and I noticed he was trying to set up video game systems he had, I sat in the living room playing Assassin’s Creed: Altaïr’s Chronicles on my 3DS (despite the game isn’t for 3DS). He properly hooked up his PS3 and he hooked up the Wii (which made me install a bunch of stuff on it, including Netflix – I really need to fix the sound though since it sounds like an empty auditorium).

Afterward, I went on my computer. When Josh came on, I sent him the links, and we talked for a while about things I can’t remember. I did mention that I hate my artwork unless I’m doing things for my characters that aren’t fan characters. So basically, if they’re not a fan character for some fandom I’m part of, I like how the drawing comes out, normally. I started rambling to him about Erik in Angelic*Love. I don’t know why, but Erik has been on my mind a lot lately. He’s just such a fun character! I’m pretty sure it’s the aspect that he’s a crossdressing pretty boy part of the time. I also realized I can compare some of the Angelic*Love characters to The Little Mermaid. Which is completely unintentional. Checking my chat logs…we also talked about his gift art to one of our good friend’s (since it was their birthday), my half of the art trade, and music. Josh wanted Yumiko (his character) with either hedgeclippers or a chainsaw to slice of Kelly’s hair and I had to ask him would her hair be tied to a pole.

…that probably seems really random, but it’s inspired by a collaboration picture I drew for my collab with Ruby (which was actually Ruby’s idea in the first place). Kelly’s hair is so long, really, you could have fun trying to destroy it. Though, it grows back in milliseconds ’cause Kelly isn’t human~ Well, not entirely.

I began talking to Josh about how I loved the song “2 Piece (So Cosmo)” by Midi Mafia, which I was listening to because I was drawing a picture of Kelly being shy and Melissa kind of…pushing her to not be shy while they were in their bathing suits. I gave him the link to the video and he enjoyed it as well, so I sent him the song. He then linked me to one of his favourite songs from…I think 2001 that was in a wonderful club/dance style. We have similar taste in music, which is awesome. He also gave me the link to the Hardstyle mix of the song (that I don’t remember the title of). I brought up “Weekend Has Come” and asked him if he heard it, which he said he might have. Then he had to leave for a bit. =[ He came back though and started drawing the art trade. THAT was when I started rambling about how I hated my drawings unless I was drawing my original story characters, since, well, they’re based off my imagination and not a pre-existing series. After a while, he sent me the sketch that he did. ;_; He’s sooo good at hands! I’m jealous.

With that earlier conversation about only liking the drawings of my original characters, I started drawing Erik basically in an outfit that matched Faye’s non-demon fighting outfit. Except his is different colours. But you can’t tell that in the sketch.

Erik in a dress.
The sketch with a gradient overlay.

HIS STUPID FACE GAVE ME TOO MUCH TROUBLE. IFHJWEOIFNJEOFMIN. I wanted it to be more sexier, but that wasn’t working. And I realized that his hand placement (his right hand placement) plus the sexy face would be awkward. Plus, would Erik really have a sexy look on his face? No, probably not. He’d probably be more embarrassed or comfortable than anything. And, just for your information, his hand is just place between his thighs because it just happened to rest there, not anything else.

I took Josh’s advice about the wings. They look a lot better now. Haha. Considerably easier to draw. Need to go bother my other friend though about proportion tips though.

After finishing it (other than the fingernails) after 2 AM, I went to bed.

THEN WE GO TO LATER ON MAY 11TH. And my alarm went off. Which I pressed snooze until 7:45, when I got up and took a shower. I really wish I could have slept more, but meh. I had work at 9 and I wanted to do my hair a bit. Because you know, a pretty boy likes his hair to look great.Well, I do anyway.

I went to work and right before I went to go put up some left over tags on the cart that I drag around when putting them up (since it’s convenient), I was called to make several signs for a few new displays and to go talk to the reset team leader about some tags that had to be made. I took one of the guns and scanned the items, once again attempting to just use the sign maker…um…I don’t know what you would call it. It’s kind of like a folder location thing in the gun that can open up on the computer, but not quite since it’s not actually a folder. Anyway, I scanned the items, went to go open up the sign maker…and I failed. Again. I really should ask someone how in the world they are able to use the gun to make the signs because I can’t figure it out for the life of me. So I went back down and scanned them as unit tags, loading them onto the tag making computer, and manually typing in the item codes to print off the signs. After I printed them all, the reset team leader told me about the tags (which were apparently suppose to be made yesterday, but weren’t) and I made them. Just as I finished them and started printing them, some other guy from the reset team came along and asked for more tags. Of course, I had to finish the ones I was printing (which is quite slow because our printer for the tags is old). So it probably took me about an hour (okay, maybe less) to get to those tags the guy wanted me to do. Not only that, but the manager wanted me to go make unit tags and signs for some other products too. So I had to make more tags and signs. He (the manager) told me to go take my break, which I said after I finished the tags. So after all the tags and signs were printed, I decided that I was going to go put them up the signs and the tags I had to put up (which were only a few – the reset team puts up their own tags). The reset team leader and the other guy who asked for tags picked up their’s before I did the ones I had to put up.

Just as I was finishing up putting up the tags and signs I had to put up, I got a call from the service desk. Another reset team person needed tags made, so I made those. And didn’t take my break.

So after those were done and she got them, it was after 12 PM. I got off at 1. So, figuring that there wasn’t much time left, I just went to go put up some Compare & Save tags. And when I did, someone from the meat department needed me to go make a sign for them, so I took down the UPC and went back upstairs to the File Maintenance room, finding a piece of paper on my door telling me that an item needed a tag. So I quickly made those, dropped them off, and it was past time for me to leave.

To be honest, today was a good day at work. I would say it was kind of fun, since I mostly stayed in the File Maintenance room making tags and signs, which requires me to be on the computer. And you know I love computers. So I had fun. It was also one of those days too where I was like “screw breaks, I don’t need one today”. I didn’t want to stop until my job was done! Plus, it was a 4 hour work day and I wasn’t on the floor for most of the day. Also, my wrist still hurts me. I’m actually thankful I didn’t have to pull off too many tags today. The few I did in the soup aisle hurt. I really shouldn’t have been using my hand. While I was scanning that huge list of barcodes for the reset team leader with the gun, I had to scan with my left hand because the gun was too heavy for my right wrist to not subtly hurt. I also spent my in between tag printing time IMing my friends over MSN. Eventually got into a conversation about Macs and whether they’re worth getting with one of my friends (which the answer is it’s really up to you).

Before I headed home, I went to go get my oil changed. It’s needed to be changed for a while and I’ve been meaning to call Lexus, but I’m lazy so I haven’t. I opted for a quick oil change close by today. I drove to the place, but they looked full, so I turned around and went home to eat lunch. I had the Quorn Chik’n Nuggets and a carrot, cauliflower, and broccoli with cheese sauce steamer. While waiting for them to cook, I had a very…randomish idea to film myself dancing “GRAND PRIX” by Mega NRG Man. I mostly remembered that dance and it’s considerably easy. It took me a bit to get the set up right and get the filming good, but I did it. I would show you the video, but it’s still sitting on my camera (which was out of battery power for some reason). I had to rewatch the choreography video to refresh my memory. I must say I really do love HD. ♥ Natural lighting is really nice too.

After I filmed and my food was done, I sat in front of the TV and watched some Classic Doctor Who on Netflix until I was finished eating. I then went and got my oil changed, went home, and went to bed.

Only to be woken up like…two or three hours later to the Doctor Who series 5 theme song blasting from my phone. It was my dad calling me to tell me that his car broke down, but he was close by enough to walk home.

I got dressed though (I was in my pajamas) and went out to find him, which I did after I went in a square around town…>.>. I didn’t know what he meant by “close by”. I found him though and drove him back. He borrowed my car to buy some concrete. During that time, I checked my e-mail and found I was accepted into the Google Ad Sense program!!!! Which is why you see ads at the bottom of this blog. =P I’m VERY excited about it! ANYWAY.

After I made myself dinner (pasta and garlic bread), we brought his car to the shop and he drove home. We’re not really sure what we’re doing, since I’m the only one with a working car and I obviously need it to get myself to work. He says he doesn’t need it tomorrow, but Friday’s a different story…=[ Meh. We’ll see what happens. I’m hoping his car is fixed tomorrow so he doesn’t have to borrow mine.

He actually told me his car didn’t break down, but instead had something weird with the engine. Can’t remember what it was though. Except it had “fire” in the wording. But it’s like…when the engine stops working properly and starts being all jolty. And yes, that’s my explanation because I can’t remember what the actual explanation is.

I scanned the Erik artwork from last night and began drawing a picture for my website layout. I drew it three times to get what I wanted. And I hate the way I drew my face in anime form. I blame it on my style of drawing. I love everything else about it though! And again, I pretty much realized one of the things that bother me about the faces I draw is how I do the hair, because it makes the chin look a lot longer than it really is most of the time. I need to REALLY practice that so it stops look so blah. It’s one of the things that bothers me the most about my drawing, including hands and feet. And I need to evolve my “skeleton” technique. I KNOW there’s a better one out there, I’ve seen it, but I can’t find references of it for free right now. =[ And I’m not up for spending money too much right now…

I want a Mac Pro so badly. But the one I want is over $9,000, so I won’t be getting that for quite a while. Dang it, I need another job. Or a few.

After I went back online, I helped one of my friend’s with his sprite work and checked out Josh’s sketch for the art trade, which wasn’t too bad. He’s actually working on it right now. And me? I’m typing up this blog entry because I meant to do it for the past two days. And dang it, I am tired. And I need to go to bed.

So, good night.

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