Month: April 2011

[NOVEL REVIEW] My Girlfriend’s a Geek, vol. 1

English Title: My Girlfriend’s a Geek Original Title: Fujoshi Kanojo Author: Pentabu Publisher: Yen Press Age Rating: Older Teen Price: $10.99 ISBN: 978-0-7595-3171-0 Summary: A collection of blog entries by Pentabu, documenting his ongoing one-sided battle against his fujoshi girlfriend, Y-ko. Review: When I saw My Girlfriend’s a Geek novel listed on Yen Press’s series

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Whoa, okay, what happened to this blog and what’s going on with your writing?

Well, person who did not really ask that, I shall tell you! I got a new job earlier in the year and thanks to the pay, I actually bought my own website! My website was formerly a “subsite” of my mothers, but I felt I needed my own to properly promote my works in the

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