Year: 2011

The 2012 Study Plan

Ah, yes. 2012 will soon be upon us. I’m planning to spend the year reading and writing, both English and Japanese. For English, I’m simply going to be expanding my vocabulary (because, yes, despite being a native [American-]English speaker, there is still a need for me to expand my vocabulary) and improve on my [creative]

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Dream #2 – Japan!

Yes, I had a dream that I was in Japan. Believe or not, it’s not a dream I often have (most of my dreams are really weird – this one is no exception, but the location is different).

[ARTWORK] Queue Image 002: Samantha’s New Look Redraw

Probably after this one, I’ll be covering all that I’ve done at the end of a week. Right now though, you’re getting another somewhat boring ramble of a post because I want to fill up space. I’m not really satisfied with this as I was with the other image, primarily in the colouring area. I

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The Steel Beam is Creaking

I always imagine that I have a steel beam in my mind. Anytime I’m upset, angry, frustrated, or any sort of negative feelings, I can hear that steel beam start to creak under the intense amount of heat hitting it. Usually it results in tears for a short amount of time, but quickly goes away,

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Chibi Caterpie Muffin Fighters (a.k.a. I went over a friend’s house today who likes those things)

For the third day this week, I was social! Which is surprising for me because I usually don’t socialize. It just so happened that clusters of friends wanted to hang out with me this week, so I let them. I am going away next week, after all. Today’s friends were Annie and Tom. We didn’t

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A Tiny Adventure to New York

I was invited to hang out with a few people from Disco NRG the other day and finally had the chance to yesterday on Tuesday, August 2nd! It was wonderful seeing Steve and Jason again, as well as meeting Dom and Tony in person! The day itself though was probably the most weirdest, most predictable

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