Writing Month – Day 25 – 1.2

As you should have seen from my last post., the one below this one, I “won” NaNoWriMo. Which means I hit the goal of 50,000 words. I made it to 50,262 words!

Obviously with five days left in the month, I want to attempt another goal – actually finish this novel for once. Get to the very end of it. Of course, I’m shaky on whether or not I’ll be able to make it. I say I should just attempt it though. I can feel myself not too far from the end, especially with how much faster the story has picked up.

I originally stretched it out because I was afraid of running out of content before hitting the 50,000 word count, but now that I have hit that goal word count, I want to do my best to actually complete what I started. I don’t really want to go into December either, with the exception to about two hours after midnight on December 1st. I really want to complete the novel before then. Well, the first half of it. The other half is Alex’s side, but I don’t think I should write that until Chris’s version is revised and reworked. There’s a lot of crap in, but hey, that’s what happens when you write a book within a month.

Yet again, it’s fun. I definitely want to attempt it again and again. It’s even more fun when you know that there other people joining you. It’s kind of motivational, plus kind of gives up some healthy “competition”. Now that I won this year, I am definitely going to work towards winning next year as well, as well as hitting much more words.

Once I’m finished with the story, I’m definitely sending the raw versions to several of my friends to read for their own enjoyment. Well, almost raw version. I’ll go through the document and fix a few things, but not everything.

Right now though, Chris and Alex’s little NYC trip is still continuing. It’s two days before the fashion show and they surprisingly get some alone time!

Chris obviously wants sex and Alex doesn’t seem entirely up for it (kind of…). =P So they agree to have it later, but first, they’re going on another pseudo-date.

There’s pretty much all that really happened. Not really anything exciting.

I am definitely writing more tomorrow. Since I don’t really have to pace my word count too much, I’ll probably end up writing every few hours. Just to give myself breaks in between. Breaks aren’t bad to have.

Pretty much the only things really left to happen is for midterms, Valentines Day, something with Alex, the two of them reuniting, them becoming a couple…and what happens to Chris once they do become a couple.

So exciting! >w<

I’m thinking of eventually posting the story up on the net in a few years under the Creative Commons for non commercial use. I’ll be fine with people sharing it and spreading it, but no modifications, remixes, or anything.

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