Writing Month – Day 16

So, after about two or three days of just delaying writing, I finally hit my goal! Well, caught up to my goal. I am now at 32,201 words total!

=P I think the most notable thing is that Chris and Alex went onto a pseudo-date.

By pseudo-date I mean it wasn’t really a date, but they went out like it was. =P Some how, they got into the conversation about otaku-related stuff and Chris was shocked to find out they have pornographic anime.

Since he was on the side of the spectrum that anime is for children, not for adults.

I’m pretty sure a lot of anime fans know what I’m talking about when you come across those people who think anime is only for kids or only for adults. Which gets really, really annoying if you watch anime for many different age ranges.

But enough about that rant.

It seems like Chris and Alex are going to go onto more pseudo-dates! =D I can’t waaaaaiiiiittttt~

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