Writing Month – Days 10 & 11

I would have posted this earlier, but for some odd reason the site was giving me a STUPID DATABASE ERROR.

So I couldn’t.

Of course, it’s back now, so I’m all good!

Unfortunately I don’t remember too much within these past two days, so days 10 & 11 will be combined!

So, Day 9 had been a fail for me. I barely wrote anything! Of course, I caught up on Day 10 with 20,062 words. I had originally wanted to write 21,000 words that night, but I could due to the fact I had my first day of actual work (which I quite enjoyed). One of my good friends got a bit ahead of me, so pretty much that night, after I got back, I decided to play a bit of catch up.

Between that morning I was up from work and later in the day when I woke up, I wrote a total of 5,118 words that day, bringing up my total word count to 25,180 words.

I am OFFICIALLY over my word count for 2008. I’m getting excited! Let’s see if I can beat my original goal of 28,000 to 30,000 words and make it to the 50,000 word mark! I’m also half way to the overall NaNoWriMo word count of 50,000 (since 25,000 would be half of that number).

So what has been going on in the story?

Well, Alex and Chris finally finished up and for some odd reason, Alex looked like he was about to cry. Then he told Chris he couldn’t meet him for a couple months, which obviously got Chris angry. So you basically hear Chris complain to two different people about it (Joshua and a girl named Elizabeth). Elizabeth points out that Chris may be in love with Alex.

After almost two days of Alex avoiding him, Chris forces him into room 403 to question him and successfully gets him to talk. Alex had come to a realization that he shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing and he’s scared that he likes it.

Chris doesn’t wanna hear it, so he gives him a kiss (!) to make him shut up. After they talk a bit more, they agree to have sex….at Alex’s house.


’cause Alex’s family is away in Milan, Italy for the next week. Haha. He’s the only one not going.

So yeah. That’s the story so far.

Still trying to get the cover design down, but I’m failing. Once I do though, I’ll post it!

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