Writing Month – Day 4

As I had stated yesterday, I knew there was no way I would be able to work on my short stories with my friend over. I still wanted to get NaNoWriMo done though, since if I can reach a goal of 50,000+ words and finish my story, I’m going to feel like I can write more. Even though my short stories should have the priority, but whatever.

I wrote a bit before my friend arrived. Chris had begun telling Joshua about what had happened and particularly of how horny the thought of Alex made him feel. It kind of makes me laugh, especially since he and Alex never quite got along. Perhaps it was a mental blockage that caused them to hate each other. I don’t know. Man, I’m tired.

I pretty much stopped around there, but started writing while my friend was editing his vlog. I’m surprised I didn’t feel more awkward by writing it with someone else in the room (though, it did feel a bit awkward when Joshua suggested Chris try playing with Alex’s nipples…but not too much). Luckily they weren’t paying attention to me writing. Actually, my friend said it should be made into a Hetalia styled anime, which made me laugh. Of course, he ended up shutting up when I actually started to go into more details about the story.

I mean, this story is porn, more or less. I’m not going to deny that. That’s probably what’s making it so easy.

I’m definitely looking forward to Alex and Chris’s relationship developing!

Anyway…after my friend left, I continued writing. Chris actually took up Joshua’s suggestion, bought some strawberry scented lotion, and met up with Alex.

Oh man, Alex looks so cute. He kind of looks shy, but kind of happy. I wonder why? He’s about to get banged by the guy he hates again…what are you thinking, Alex? I want to know!

I’m quite proud of myself considering I made today’s goal before today was over! I wrote 2,077 words today, making my total 8,500 words! This makes me very happy. I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow. Does this mean I’m going to reach 10,000 words! I’ll be 1/5 of the way there! Exciting! Will I be able to get to 50,000?


That would be AMAZING to me.

And would mean that 2010 will come to a good close.

But who knows.

I’m going to go now. I’m starting to fall asleep.

Gonna go daydream myself to sleep with thoughts of Chris and Alex.


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