Writing Month – Day 3

Today’s NaNoWriMo was again another wonderful success, while my short story writing went okay. I would say I would work harder on getting my short story done tomorrow, but that’s not possible with the fact my friend is hanging out with me tomorrow. So I’m probably just going to work on NaNoWriMo tomorrow, then work on my short story (plus NaNoWriMo) on Friday.

Of course, I say that, but as you can see, I fail to do so in this case. But hey, I got a lot farther than I did yesterday. So I’m making progress. Not a lot, but a little helps. It would be more helpful though if I could finish writing the story though.

Anyway…onto the updates!

So the scene resumed from yesterday and Chris & Alex finally did it! Of course Chris was pleased with Alex’s adorable crying face and overall embarrassment. Chris really liked it too. He amazingly got Alex to sleep with him again, just by proposing the idea that Chris would get his friends to stop bullying Alex’s. I’m actually wondering how that will play out, especially since I’m pretty sure Chris’s friends will be questioning why Chris is stopping them (I can already hear Chris lying about the reason why, but I do wonder how long that will hold up for).

I can already hear tomorrow’s (well, now today’s because it’s after 12 AM) scene playing out with a discussion between Joshua and Chris. ’cause you know, Joshua wants to hear all the little details. I wonder if we’re gonna get to another sex scene between Chris and Alex. I cannot wait to see their relationship develop.

I love how easily persuaded Alex seems to be. Well, not really persuaded, but like…pleased. It’s kind of like giving a kid who loves sweets but never gets them one small piece of candy. They’re going to be extremely pleased over one tiny thing. I’m interested in hearing Alex’s side of the story. What was going through his mind then?

Definitely going to have to write Alex’s side when I’m done with Chris’s.

On my short story side of things, I’m still not done. I feel like I’m almost done though. I’m sure some people are gonna wanna chew my head off though for coincidentally make all the victims female. I would have definitely made male victims, but I just never thought of it. It just so happened that in the story all the victims are female.

Right now one of the character’s is telling Lollie (the main character) a story about a beast that lives inside a cavern. I’m getting suspicious of the woman and her husband though as of right now. Though, who knows. They may have not done anything at all. I’ll just see which way the story turns out. I think Lollie’s getting that feeling as well that there’s something up with them, but not entirely considering how tired they look and seem.

They have a very nice shop though! I can tell you that much. I love the front display. It kind of makes me want to shrink down to the size of a pixie and talk a stroll through it. Yeah, its that nice. Of course, you people aren’t going to know what it is entirely until I publish the story.

…if I publish it.

I probably will.

It’s actually pretty good. I think it should be a lot clearer than the original. Who knows though.

So yeah. That’s what I did today.

I probably will only update with NaNoWriMo status tomorrow, especially since Ryan’s coming over and will probably be over until 10 at night which doesn’t really leave too much room for anything, unfortunately. I’m going to hope I wake up early tomorrow so I can do NaNoWriMo (even a bit – I just need about 300 words in order for me to match up for Thrusday’s word count) and clean my room. Let’s see if I do that…

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