Writing Month – Day 2

Day 2 for NaNoWriMo was quite good! Day 2 for short story writing was bad. Bad as in I did nothing but stare at the open document. I probably should start disciplining myself a bit more when it comes to writing them, since I start procrastinating watching Youtube and stuff. I’m fine with NaNoWriMo, since I seem to be disciplining myself for that. Perhaps my mind is telling me I only have this month to write Love Me Softly, but many to write my short stories?

Well, sorry mind, but that doesn’t work. You need to write your short stories, especially since their not something random you’re writing just for fun. It’s what you plan on actually publishing. You must write your original stories as well! Plus, they’re short stories. They technically should be easier. Work on ones you’ve already started or want to rewrite! That works quite well as well!

From now on, none of those awesome sites you love until after you finish at least a large chunk of your story.

Of course, you people reading this probably don’t want to hear me pep talk myself. Which is why I’m going to stop now and update you on what’s going on.

So I introduced a new character named Joshua in the story. He became Chris’s counter part to Alex’s older sister, Beth, in Chris’s story. Except Chris tells Joshua a lot more than Alex ever slips out. He came out of no where in my mind, but Chris obviously knew him. Their first encounter was probably awkward, especially since Chris was a 14 year old kid buying flavoured condoms when they first met. Though, the two of them consider themselves to be a lot like brothers now or possibly an uncle & nephew kind of relationship (considering Josh does willing cook for Chris sometimes). I’m definitely looking forward to Joshua appearing more. I know he definitely is going to. Especially with such an interesting situation (…that’s probably not the right word, but I’m using it) going on.

Their conversation came relatively with ease, up until they were staring at Alex’s picture. They just kind of became…silent after commenting on it. I was a bit annoyed until I realized that their silence was part of the story. A lot of times conversations die in real life if no one really has anything to say, which is why in their world, in their story, their conversation died off. There wasn’t really much to say about Alex, other than he dressed weird, but he was pretty.

Then came the wonderful next day in the story. Where Chris had a hunch Alex would probably try to escape his fate. Which ended up happening, which caused Chris to become angry. Very, very angry. Of course he ran after Alex and dragged him to room 403. I actually stopped before getting to actual penetration, so like…Alex is kind of standing there with nothing covering his lower half and Chris’s fingers up his butt. =P Poor Alex, all teary eyed, shaking…

According to NaNoWriMo.org, I’m actually 2 days ahead of schedule, so they say. When I’m kind of more like…about one day. I have 4,374 words written and NaNoWriMo’s set goal is 1,667 per day (since that’s how many words someone needs to write in order to finish on time – of course, my personal goal is 2,000 words per day).

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next. I need the camera to stop switching to Alex though. >_> ’cause sometimes it wants to follow Alex around (though, I know if I wrote Alex’s side, I would get stumped a lot, considering most of the time Alex just wants to cry when he’s around Chris). Let me getting writing, shall I?

Considering it’s Day 3 right now…>_>

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