Writing Month – Day 1

Due to this wonderful month of November being more than just NaNoWriMo, I’m going to be calling this month “Writing Month”. Hopefully I can writing up these entries everyday, updating you on my story status. First half of the entry will definitely be about all the NaNoWriMo stuff going on, while the second half will be about the other works I am doing. Sounds good, hopefully.

This day kind of felt half and half. I reached my goal for my NaNoWriMo writing, but not for my short story. Granted, for my short story writing, I was procrastinating, so that’s probably why.

1.) NaNoWriMo
I was originally going to start my NaNoWriMo story at noon, but switched it to 1 PM, thinking I would have to get my younger sister at around 2:05 (but it turned out she stayed home from school today, which was a pleasant surprise). I was actually watch Web Ghost PiPoPa (which is the anime I’ve been watching lately – it’s really good!) and didn’t want to stop, plus I wanted to eat lunch. Of course, after it hit 1 PM, I began.

Chris (the character) brought me into the scene where he met with a girl after school, in a classroom just to have sex. Not only that, but he felt the need to make me actually describe the sex scene to everyone. So right away, the story starts out with smut. Hetero smut.

This is suppose to be a Boys’ Love story. And yet there’s hetero smut right in the beginning…

…meh. Everyone will get plenty of Chris/Alex smut later in the story and a bunch of fluffy, happy parts too.

Still, it was weird. And then Chris and Alex kind of decided to fight over which one I was following, as well as what was going on. Uuugggh. They have the scene going one way one minute, then have the scene going another next.

It’s quite funny though, especially when Chris comes to a fantastic idea of getting Alex to sleep with him. I wanna know what Alex is thinking during the moments. Like, what’s going on inside his head?

Alex, I will DEFINITELY be letting your story out next. You will need it.

And man, I’m tired, but that’s off topic for NaNoWriMo.

So I finished with past my goal (2,000 words) with 2,351 words total so far. I’m hoping I can keep it up! It was really hard. I actually pushed myself to keep writing until I finished the scenes. I wanted  to stop and go off and do other things, but I didn’t! I continued on and reached past my goal! I’m definitely looking forward to tomorrow!

2.) Short Story Writing
I was going to start working on “Stolen Personality” once again, but I procrastinated. I knew I would have to read it to remember where the story was going, but I didn’t quite feel up to that. So I just kind of watched Youtube videos (as usual), went out to dinner with my dad and hung out there for a while.

…then I came back home and despite being tired, I skimmed through the story and finished writing a particular section I was still writing. Lollie was in Death Forest, talking to giant spiders. I just wanted to finish up that scene, so I could go ahead and see what Lollie was going to do next. I did that, but I don’t really know how well it sounds, considering how tired I am.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get closer to the end of that short story. Comparing to the original, its about halfway done. Though, I may add in a few parts, especially since all the victims so far are female…


That’s what I did. Hope I get farther tomorrow, in both the stories.

Oh man, I’m sure I’m gonna be like…laughing at my smut writing when I re-read LMS. I did that with another one of my stories. So bad, but so funny.

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