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I have worked in retail for the past 10 years or so and I have decided I want a career change. I want something that will better utilize my skill set and provide me with interesting challenges I am more than willing to take on. For me, web development is that career change.

I've been making websites for years for fun, but it was only recently I felt it was a viable career choice for me.

I am expanding my skillset & knowledge! I am presently enrolled in Treehouse's front-end web development techdegree program.

Outside of retail and learning more web development, I do TrainerKelly's Network, an upcoming archive of my works, and Hurricane500000, my husband's video game YouTube channel.

When I'm not working on anything, I enjoy reading, binge-watching TV shows, playing video games (both alone and with my husband), and dancing a silly synchronized dance from Japan called parapara.

I have a passion for anime, manga, and vegan food.