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Hey there, trainee! The Central Network (i.e. this website) is currently under a lot of construction!
You may come across broken links, broken images, incomplete or outdated pages, and a whole lot more.

I am working on it.
See you when it’s finished!

TrainerKelly (Kelly Mulry) • 06/2022

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I’m so glad to see you here today!

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2 YEARS LATER… Bedelia could just feel something was off. There was an unusual air of excitement around the castle, no matter where she went. The servants all seemed to be buzzing about something but what was it? Bedelia kept her head forward, but her ears open for whatever it… Read more
Published on: 2022-04-05
Source: Stories
The soft glow of the moonlight illuminated Spark’s body and emphaized the smile that was plastered on her face. Her giggles echoed on the fairly quiet street corner and her eyes stayed glued to the screen in her hand. Her fingers tapped a response just as quickly as the speech… Read more
Published on: 2022-03-22
Source: Stories
The air was extremely crisp and fresh and smelled of freshly fallen rain. Everywhere he looked, Wrist could see the glistening of rain that had just passed overhead giving all the greeny a dazzling glossy sheen that twinkled in the sunlight that was finally shining through after two days of… Read more
Published on: 2022-03-08
Source: Stories
Vainstrel could feel is body shake with stage-fright, although he hadn’t had stage-fright since he was a young vampire child. The only thing that was causing this fear of failing was the beautiful, spunky witch excitedly looking over the cellphone case in her hands. Sparks were literally flying off and… Read more
Published on: 2022-02-22
Source: Stories
The final clap of the day and the shout of “THAT IS A WRAP” broke through Vainstrel’s flow. It deflated faster than a balloon losing air. The emptiness he was left with, as per usual, was huge. He made his way back to his seat and collapsed into the chair…. Read more
Published on: 2022-02-08
Source: Stories
About a quarter of Vainstrel’s body hung over the side of his bed. His fingers fiddled with his phone while looking at it upside down. His lips were exaggeratedly puffed out and his brows wrinkled his head so deeply. He let out a large, noisy sigh that seemed to echo… Read more
Published on: 2022-01-25
Source: Stories

Latest Posts in Artwork

July is usually one of the hardest months for me and this year was no exception. I found myself able to work a lot more than I normally do, but it was a huge emotional roller coaster for me the entire month and I ultimately found myself feeling very angry… Read more
Published on: 2022-04-21
Source: Art
I wrote a ramble regarding how leading up to my birthday this year in March, I felt immensely thankful for myself, simply because I showed up. Because I showed up despite how I was feeling and after everything I’d been doing over the years, I was able to actually enjoy… Read more
Published on: 2022-04-07
Source: Art
I drew this piece for the “Thankful for Myself” ramble. I wanted something that represented both sides of me receiving a gift. I don’t really remember necessarily what section I originally intended this piece to be used in, but I used it in the “A Thing to Remember” section. I… Read more
Published on: 2022-03-24
Source: Art
I drew this for the “Thankful for Myself” ramble for the section entitled “I Don’t Deserve a Birthday”. Within that section, I talked about my relationship with my birthday prior to this year which can be boiled down to guilt about my own existence (something that isn’t prompted by anyone… Read more
Published on: 2022-03-10
Source: Art
I drew this for “Thankful for Myself” ramble, but it’s actually a redraw of a piece from 2014 from the entry, “Burn Out”. In the “Thankful for Myself” ramble, I used this illustration under “What Changed Me”. I’ve been wanting to do a redraw of the exhausted piece from 2014… Read more
Published on: 2021-12-10
Source: Art
Yes, I am starting a new series: Sketch Dump Mondays! I had considered doing “Sketch Dump Saturdays” or “Sketch Dump Sundays”, however, I determined “Sketch Dump Mondays” worked better with my work schedule. I start my week on Mondays – mainly due to my tracker and planners starting on that day…. Read more
Published on: 2021-09-27
Source: Art

Latest Posts in Rambles

Hey, trainee! OH BOY. I think you can already tell, but there’s a lot of work being done on the Central Network (i.e. this whole dang website). It’s kind of funny – I had the thought of this complete overhaul back in April and was desperately attempting to figure out… Read more
Published on: 2022-06-18
Source: Rambles
I’ve had clarity for about two months now that all I want is on-site memberships. And whatever I am doing for the memberships needs to be something I am already doing. (Something being super hands-off once implemented also works too.) I was trying to push for it back in April,… Read more
Published on: 2022-06-03
Source: Rambles
Hey there, trainees! You might have noticed there’s…a lot of weird shiznit going on around here. Well, that’s because my Central Network (i.e. the whole website platform) is currently under construction! It all stemmed from one thing: I wanted on-site memberships. So, I know how I’m doing that now. Which… Read more
Published on: 2022-06-02
Source: Rambles
When I post my stories, I post them without editing them first. I don’t even read them, maybe save for a few random parts here and there that catch my eye. This is a completely deliberate choice though – on my end, I don’t want to read what I wrote until… Read more
Published on: 2022-05-28
Source: Rambles
Hey there, (future) trainee! This content is for trainees with a paid membership only at the moment. If you're interested in ad-free reading and early access, consider registering now! $7.50 for a monthly subscription, $50 for a yearly subscription (Save $40).  … Read more
Published on: 2022-05-28
Source: Rambles
Reading I kind of spent the day mostly reading. I didn’t touch Kyo Kara Maoh! season 3 at all today, but that was by choice, since I felt like reading instead. I didn’t really go in intending to read anything super specific – mostly just stuck to (NSFW) Futekiya titles that… Read more
Published on: 2022-05-26
Source: Rambles
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