Story Usage Policy

Stories include, but are not limited to: Short stories, comics, and novels.

  1. All stories may be used for personal use.
    • Personal use is defined as: non-commercial (i.e. you do NOT make money off of it), no mass production (you produce less than 50), and you are only using it for yourself, a family member, or a friend.
    • You are welcome to print out personal copies of the stories to keep on you, if you feel inclined. You may also quote lines and small blocks of text.
  2. You are allowed to take my ideas.
    • You are not allowed to turn around and come after me in any way, including legal means and defamation
  3. You are not allowed to take the story word-for-word
  4. You may NOT use the stories for commercial purposes or non-commercial purposes without explicit permission. To ask for permission, please e-mail with the subject line of “Licensing.” Thank you.
  5. If you are a person writing an article about TrainerKelly’s Network and must quote the stories, you may quote a small amount of text and lines
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