Fan Works Policy

  1. Fan works, including fan art and fan fiction, are allowed and encouraged!
    • Please provide a credit to TrainerKelly/Kelly Mulry, such as “Characters are owned by Kelly Mulry a.k.a. TrainerKelly”. You can read their works at”
    • If inclined, feel free to send fan works to me at with the subject line of “Fan Work” or something along that line.
  2. You may NOT sell fan works at this time!
    • This policy is in place because I am currently unknown. It will change once I can see how wide-spread I am.
      • If you would like it to change, then help spread the word about TrainerKelly’s Network!
    • This includes, but not limited to
      • fan art of characters by me (reminder: this refers to selling)
      • fan comics of characters by me (reminder: this refers to selling)
      • unofficial merchandise of characters by me (reminder: this refers to selling)
      • custom cards purchased from a place such as Etsy featuring characters by me (reminder: this refers to selling)
    • Commissioning artwork of my characters from someone is an exception. If you are commissioning someone, you are paying them for their time, skills, and sometimes supplies. This is different than making prints and selling them places.
      • making up to 5 prints of a commission is OK too! Again – you’re paying for time, skills, and supplies

Ways to Credit My Work

There are just some of the ways you can credit my work!

[Character’s Full Name] © Kelly Mulry –

Example: Spark Alamental © Kelly Mulry –

[Character’s Full Name] © TrainerKelly –

Example: Princess Angelica of Astral Isles © TrainerKelly –

Character(s) © Kelly Mulry–

Character(s) © TrainerKelly –

Character(s) © TrainerKelly (Kelly Mulry) –

Other ways are available. Mostly, just put my name (you can use Kelly Mulry, TrainerKelly, or both) and the URL back to my Network!

If you are a fan artist, please e-mail Kelly Mulry with your work at! They would love to see it!

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