Company Policy

No product or service is created by me for the sole purpose of making money. There is ALWAYS another reason behind it!

What does this even mean?

I’ve repeatedly found that when I put money first, I can’t sustainably do whatever it is for a long time and it falls apart. It often times also goes no where.

In other words, creating something for the sole purpose of making money means I am coming from a place of desperation, rather than inspiration, hopefulness, and security.

Money is not a bad thing – wanting it or having it. It’s realizing that making something solely for the purpose of money is missing the point. The money is just a part of the equation of doing what I am already doing and allowing me to do it indefinitely plus expand my offerings. It’s not about the money itself, but rather what that money can do.

What are the reasons?

Literally could be anything.

Some of my classics include:

  • Wanting to wear my own merchandise;
  • Thinking something would be fun;
  • Being inspired by other platforms and realizing I want to do the same thing, but on my own site;
  • Deciding I get to be financially supported in what I am already doing anyway;

Money is involved, but it’s not because of the money.

If it’s not because of the money, then why don’t you offer everything for free?

Gentle Reminder: We currently live in a society that functions on money. Unless or until this changes, we need money to do many things.

It takes not just time, but also money to run a website.

Yes, there are free and low-cost options.

But it’s not just about if something is for free or not – it’s also understanding whether or not I will use whatever the thing is.

For example, Patreon, Ko-Fi, and Buy Me a Coffee are all free platforms with membership options. I have accounts on each platform.

I don’t normally use them.


Because deep down, I know everything is to be centralized here on my website.

None of the platforms particularly appeal to me because I have no desire to maintain the pages when I have my own website platform that I have control over.

Different aspects of my site cost money, including my domain names, hosting, and the actual membership plugin.

There’s a lot though that I use that is free.

I also actually offer a lot for free – stories, art, rambles.

Even the paid memberships are mostly made up of early access to content that is eventually free. (Future plans include additional kinds of content, but it’s bonus content that does not affect the core experience of the Network.)

The reason why I am even monetizing aspects of my Network is because I’m excited to expand functionality, eventually hire people, and be able to reinvest in myself, my Network, my people, and my trainees (which may include you too).

Why don’t you just get a real job?

I invite you to explore why you believe that creative works are to only be relegated to the realm of “hobbies” and “pastimes” and not considered a “real job”.

I’m an entrepreneur, biznitch.

While also being a content creator, CEO, and president.

My job is real.


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