Artwork Usage Policy

  1. All artwork may be used for personal use.
    1. Personal use is defined as:
      • non-commercial (i.e. you do NOT make money off of it)
        • displaying as your avatar on social media is OK – please provide a link back to TrainerKelly’s Network ( or tag the appropriate social media account when possible!
      • no mass production (you produce less than 50)
      • you are only using it for yourself, a family member, or a friend
      • Minor editing to suit needs is allowed
        • (For example, needing to add text for an image printed out for the front of a binder)
  2. All artwork may be used as references
    1. Artwork used for references may be used as:
      • a pose reference
      • a style reference
      • a character reference
    2. The closer the image is to the original illustration being used, please provide a credit to TrainerKelly. For instance, you could write “Referenced an illustration by TrainerKelly at”
  3. You may NOT use the images for commercial purposes or non-commercial purposes on a large scale without explicit permission. To ask for permission, please e-mail with the subject line of “Licensing.” Thank you.
  4. If you are a person writing an article about TrainerKelly’s Network and must use images, you may use up to 5 images. If you require more than that, please e-mail with the subject line of “Images.” Thank you.
  5. You may NOT edit images (minus for personal use) without permission. Send an e-mail to with the subject line of “Editing Permission”.

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